Join Dr. Bunny as she discusses Hypnotherapy and Norbert W. Bakas, who has been a Hypnotherapist for over 75 years!!  Yes, 75 years!!

Dr. Bunny has been following Norbert’s Reflections on his Self-Hypnosis Facebook page  ( and finds him incredibly interesting, inspiring, and amazing.

Norbert’s reflections touch on a number of different topics and viewpoints.  Here is an example from Post #9:


Old hypnotists never die, they just trance-spire.

Reaching the point in my life where I recognize that my earthly existence may terminate at any moment. Bad heart, bad eyes, respiratory failure, useless legs, bed restriction and full time oxygen puts me on a very critical curve. I know and I recognize that any moment could be my last. This is why I have been publishing my posts (you can find all of these posts on my self-hypnosis Facebook page). Many of the things that I have said in these posts may have been stepping on some of your toes. I don’t apologize. In my posts I’m giving you a true rendition of what I have come to believe by extensive studying, researching, and experimental hypnosis over the past 75+ years. My book, Hypnotisms Strangest Phenomenon, is a compilation made of experiments, research and study. I do not profess to be an expert in anything. I just portray what I have experienced it without embellishment. I respect the knowledge that many of the hypnotists have portrayed since Mesmers time. 1500 years ago in northern India the hypnotists were called Ja-doo-walla. I would like to be remembered as Norbert Bakas Ja-doo-walla. May you all be blessed and Namaste, Norb.

Tune in and learn more about the incredible Norbert W. Bakas, and why Dr. Bunny has the utmost respect for him!

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