Nick Masella, Founder of the Positive Intentions Foundation in Chicago, joins Dr. Bunny to share his story about being drug-free for 33 years himself, and the process of how he helped his son overcome addiction, as well.

Nick tells us about the different things he tried in his quest to help his son, and how some things that he thought would work, didn’t.  He found that he needed to realize that his son’s addiction had nothing to do with his (Nick’s) sobriety.  It was such a learning process to be a parent, and to be an addict, that he started to realize he could talk to many people – the parents, the addicts – and could relate to them both.  He began speaking at meetings and found that there was such an epidemic.

Nick eventually formed a non-profit organization called Positive Intentions Foundation and created a sober living facility, which builds an environment of support through the after-treatment stage of sobriety.

Tune in and learn more about Nick’s incredible journey, and how Positive Intentions Foundation helps addicts through the difficult process of recovery.  An uplifting & informative interview!

About Positive Intentions:

Positive Intentions’ mission is to become part of the solution in saving lives affected by the drug epidemic.

Our goal is to help addicts after medical treatment has concluded to build a foundation strong enough to support long term sobriety.

Our goal is to prevent addiction through education.

Our goal is to end the stigma and suffering of those affected by this disease.

We believe that together we have the strength to help ease the devastating impact of addiction on families across Chicagoland area. Together we hope to educate individuals to detour them from substance use disorders and ensure that those afflicted with this disease gain access to proven and effective treatments and long-term recovery programs. Together we can reduce the stigma and secrecy associated with addiction, removing the shame felt by those struggling with this disease and their families.

Please join us.

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