Join Dr. Bunny Vreeland as she discusses what Hypnotherapy can do for you, and how it can help you improve your memory.

In addition to smoking cessation, weight loss, and stress reduction, many people seek out hypnotherapy services for help with memory improvement.

Hypnotherapy can be hugely helpful for high school and college students when it comes to taking tests – memory, concentration, and anxiety issues. But even if you’re not a student, hypnotherapy can help you with tests such as DMV, and overall memory improvement.

Dr. Bunny shares a story about a former client who studied & studied, but always froze when it came time for an exam. Dr. Bunny helped her client find the cause of her anxiety (and you may be surprised at what the cause was!) and she passed future exams with ease!

Forgetting is part of life – there’s not a person who hasn’t forgotten something! But it doesn’t have to be that way. Let Dr. Bunny show you how hypnotherapy is a natural when it comes to memory improvement!

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About Dr. Bunny Vreeland:

Dr. Bunny Vreeland has been a professional model, an award winning Color and Image Consultant, Radio & TV Show host, and, for the past 20+ years, a Board Certified, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Ordained Minister and the Founder of the Vreeland College of the Healing Arts where she sees clients for Hypnotherapy issues and teaches Accredited Basic and Advanced Hypnotherapy classes on a regular basis.

She was a professional model with a major agency in Los Angeles for a number of years, and a published author of a best seller on the subject of Image, entitled, “How To Be A Woman – 15 easy Steps to Presenting Your Best Image”.

Because of Dr. Bunny’s diverse background, she is the go-to person for questions that run the gamut from Hypnotherapy, a Holistic lifestyle, beauty and image, to health, wellness & positive living.

Dr. Bunny created to answer your questions, bring you fascinating guests on a variety of topics, and share her knowledge of things that are important in your life.

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