Edward Philipp

Hypnotherapist Edward Philipp joins Dr. Bunny to discuss Hypnotherapy, laughter, & so much more (even Sumo wrestling!!)! 

Edward tells us about tapping and how he uses it in his Hypnotherapy practice.  Edward calls his tapping method an ’emotional control tool’ because he has included a number of other techniques with it to get his client prepared to make changes.  It’s a fascinating process!

This interview is loaded with great stories, valuable information and, of course, laughter!

About Edward Philipp:

BA Biology, Master of International Management, Hypnosis Instructor
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Certified Hypno Coach, Certified Medical and Dental Hypnotist,
Certified Emotional Response and Cellular Support, Emotional DNA Trauma Release, and
Body Specific Analysis Levels 1 and 2, EFT Practitioner, Balance Procedure, Psy-TaP Jedi

Specializing in Chronic Pain, Trauma, Phobias and PTSD

Certified Hypnotist, who specializes in helping people beat their BIG EMOTIONAL ISSUES such as Alcohol Addiction Relapse as a Sobriety Specialist using science based approaches such as hypnosis, NLP, and EFT.

Also Certified in Dental and Medical Hypnosis to help people learn to be more ready and accepting for their medical work. Ask your medical professional if you might be a candidate.

HypnoCoach for Business
We often want more than we have, but have confusion and internal blocks which cause us to not start, be ineffective, or even fail. I help people achieve their goals by accessing their inner thoughts and achieving coordination between the conscious and subconscious thoughts and desires. Try it with a free half hour coaching session.

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