Laney Coulter

Laney Coulter, Master Hypnotist, joins Dr. Bunny from Portland, Oregon, to discuss how post-pregnancy weight challenges led her to becoming involved in Hypnosis, and why she named her business Loving Kindness Hypnosis.

Laney explains how Hypnosis has truly changed her life, and how she helps others transform their lives, as well.

Laney’s goal is to change the world around her – her little part of the world – to make it a beautiful, loving, kind place where we’re reflective beings, reflecting love and kindness to each other.

This is quite an uplifting interview with a very special woman! Tune in and prepare to be inspired!

About Laney Coulter:

Laney Coulter is a Master Hypnotist, with multiple certifications including  as a BWRT Level 2 Advanced Practitioner.  Her  background as a special education administrator, teacher and principal, combined with her passion for helping people, give her a unique perspective as a hypnotherapist. She combines her experience and intuitive knowledge of human nature to help her clients achieve success through hypnosis.  She creates a comfortable and safe place, where she works with her clients to come up with the best solutions for their life.

More from Laney:

In 2013 I retired from Education as a Special Education Administer. I was a teacher, principal and a Director of Behavioral Services in my 30-year educational career. I was also a co-facilitator teaching parents how to parent difficult children and a co-facilitator for Alternatives to Violence groups in the community and in prisons, teaching effective communication skills. I have a background as a neighborhood mediator and now I have turned my sights to working with individuals and small groups as a Hypnotist. I began my hypnosis practice in 2005.

I have always enjoyed, and have had and still do, a passion for working with people, to help move them from where they are to a healthier, happier place. Not only do I feel great compassion and empathy I also believe in teaching from my heart to yours. I have named my practice Loving Kindness Hypnosis because I want all my clients to learn to be gentle and loving and kind toward them-selves and others.

Contact Laney Coulter at: or call 503-289-3614

Laney’s office is centrally located at 811 NW 20th Ave. Suite 102 on the first floor of a beautiful historic building in Northwest Portland.  It is wheelchair accessible through the side entrance.

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