In today’s show, Dr. Bunny is joined by her friend, Dr. Bob, a longtime physician, to discuss the opioid epidemic, changes in the medical profession, and so much more.  Dr. Bob shares valuable information and insight from his 50 years in the medical field, and tells us how advanced surgeries have become, and how opioid use and prescriptions have changed.

Dr. Bob believes the opioid crisis is the result of multiple factors, and everyone involved – the physicians, drug manufacturers, drug distributors, retailers, public health officials, law enforcement, and policy makers – need to come together to drive meaningful solutions forward.  Dr. Bob says he believes there is no single solution, it’s a partnership to move in the right direction.

According to a recent study, several million people have opioid overuse from opioids they bought on the street, not from a prescription given by a doctor.  This is something that has changed drastically from Dr. Bob’s early career.

These days it is common for a doctor to write a prescription for more pain medication than is actually needed, just in case the patient needs it (or for insurance reasons), however this has led to many people having excess pain meds (opioids) being stored in their medicine cabinets.  This can commonly lead to overuse, use by other family members, or even sales of the opioid to someone who does not need it, which causes a bigger issue.

Dr. Bob encourages everyone to learn more about safer use and storage of medications, and what to do with unused pills.

A very informative & interesting interview that you need to hear!

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