H_BodyJoin Bunny Vreeland, and her fashionista sidekick, Sascha, as they discuss the H body type – or “straight up & down” body.  This is the easiest body type to dress (think: models!), but as with all body types, it comes with some  challenges.  Bunny & Sascha will discuss those challenges, and as always, help you bring out your best YOU!

Bunny & Sascha also answer more listener’s questions regarding color.  Are there any colors that EVERYONE can wear?  Yes!  Tune in an find out more!

Let’s have some fun learning how to accentuate YOUR best – and camouflage the rest!

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About Dr. Bunny Vreeland:

Dr. Bunny Vreeland is a Certified, Professional Image Consultant with over 27 years experience. Bunny was named Number 1 Image Consultant in California and Number 3 in the nation for three consecutive years by the largest Color and Image company in the world. She is also a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and the Founder of the Vreeland College of the Healing Arts. She is a member in good standing with the American Hypnosis Association, The American Board of Hypnotherapy and International Hypnosis Federation.

Dr. Bunny is also the author of a new book: “How To Be A Woman – 15 Easy Steps To Presenting Your Best Image!” – Best Seller on Amazon!

Here’s how to order Dr. Bunny Vreeland’s NEW “How To Be A Woman – 15 Easy Steps To Presenting Your Best Image!”:

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail: Bunny@BunnyVreeland.com
Also visit:  https://bunnyvreeland.org/  https://vreelandcollege.org/  https://imageresource.wordpress.com/

Many books have been written about how to find your body type, but one of our favorites that discusses the HOAX body typing, is Hoax Fashion Formula by Mary Duffy.  It was written in 1987 and you can still purchase it on Amazon!