Amy Phillips joins Dr. Bunny in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the HypnoThoughts LIVE 2019 to discuss Hypnotherapy!  Amy shares the story of how met her sexy Hypnotherapist husband, saw how deeply enriching it was for him, and how she got started in this incredible field.

Tune in and hear more about Amy’s specialties and how hypnotherapy can help YOU!

About Amy Phillips:

Amy Phillips is a NGH Certified Hypnosis Trainer, CI, NGH Certified Hypnotherapist, CH, 5-Path Certified Hypnotherapist and a Weight loss Specialist who specializes in healing and rapid weight loss using proven hypnosis techniques to get to the client’s core issues fast, so that you can have a whole new mindset for life! She focuses on healing on all levels so that a person really becomes connected with themselves. Connecting the deeper levels of change to all levels of your mind, body and spirit, is the key to her success with rapid weight loss.

Amy says, “At age 38, I never worked out a day in my life, I set myself a goal to become a runner.  I started with the goal to achieve 21 times, knowing 21 times makes a habit. I reached my 21 times, and within 2 years ran 6 half marathons, Ragnar and 2 seventy mile relay races. I went from a size 11 to a size 3, and have kept the weight off for 4 years now. I am passionate about eating right, weight training and treating my body like a temple.”

“I know this is my life’s mission and passion! I love helping people through hypnosis to achieve a whole new mind set for life! I enjoy watching their success and the weight fall off! Most of all I love to see their self-confidence, motivation and a true self love blossom!”

Certified as Instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc.  Amy received her training directly from the famous Dr. Richard Harte the main Instructor training for the Guild:

Advanced Training directly from John Cerbone, the “Trance-Master” is a famous hypnosis author, and TV personality.

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