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Ask Dr. Bunny. Writing Children’s Books? Russ Towne, guest.

Author Russ Towne joins Dr. Bunny to discuss writing children’s books. Russ actually started out co-writing songs with a friend, and he says that was “the spark that lit the creative fire”!   He’s gone on to write many wonderful children’s books, including the bestseller “A Duck Who Flew Upside Down”.

So how does Russ come up with his ideas for books? How do you write a children’s book? And what inspired the word Grumpadinkles??

Russ has been described by good friend, Dennis Madden, as “a modern-day Art Linkletter, with a touch of Mr. Greenjeans”.  Tune in and get to know this very special author and wonderfully interesting man!

About Russ Towne:

Russ Towne lives with his wife in Campbell, California USA. Married since 1979, they have three adult children and five grandchildren. His passions include family, friends, writing, and investing. Russ wrote his first book in 2013, at the age of fifty-six. He has since written and published dozens of books that can be found on Amazon.com and elsewhere.

Russ delights in seeing the expressions on the faces of young children and their loved ones as they experience his children’s picture, early reader, and chapter books. He enjoys reading stories to children and interacting with youngsters and hopes to inspire a love within them for the magic of reading and writing.

Russ savors experiencing nature, especially rivers and streams that run through giant redwood groves and beautiful beaches. He enjoys watching classic movies, reading, and his tiny fern garden and redwood grove.

Russ manages the investments for clients of the wealth management firm he founded in 2003.


Russ writes to delight young children and the young-at-heart. He hopes readers experience truth and kindness in his writing, to remind everyone of the greatness and goodness within themselves and others.

His literary work includes:

Books for Young Children:

Sir Alex Sleighs a Dragon

Flora Belle and Dreami Dragon

The Beach that Love Built

A Day in the Shade of a Tickletoe Tree

The Grumpadinkles

Zach and the Toad Who Rode a Bull

Misty Zebracorn

V. G. and Dexter Dufflebee


The Duck Who Flew Upside Down

Clyde and Friends

Clyde and Hoozy Whatzadingle

Clyde and I Help a Hippo to Fly

Rusty Bear and Thomas, Too

Clyde and I


Honest, Honey, That’s How It Happened

Stop Peeing in the Kitty Litter!

Slices of Life (An anthology of the selected non-fiction stories of several writers.)

Reflections from the Heart of a Grateful Man (A compilation of From the Heart of a Grateful Man & Reflections of a Grateful Man)

From the Heart of a Grateful Man

Reflections of a Grateful Man

It Was Her Eyes (A novella)

Touched (Short stories and flash fiction)

Palpable Imaginings (An anthology of stories by several writers in various genres)



Heart Whispers (An anthology of the selected works of over 20 poets.)

Russ Towne’s Author’s Page on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Russ-Towne/e/B00HHIY8TM

Contact Russ Towne by e-mail at: russtowne@yahoo.com

Also visit:  https://russtowne.com/ and https://clydeandfriends.com/

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or e-mail: Bunny@BunnyVreeland.com

Also visit: https://bunnyvreeland.org/ https://vreelandcollege.org/

LifeRhythms Radio: Episode 8 – Vulnerability, Laughter and Recovery – Featured Guest: Jessica Landon

Jessica Landon, actress, comedian, sobriety activist, business owner, influencer and author of “Human on Fire”

Welcome to Episode 8 of LifeRhythms Radio!

In this episode, Robert interviews Jessica Landon, a talented Hollywood actress, comedian, sobriety activist, business owner, author and influencer residing in Hollywood, CA. In this ‘entertaining’ interview, Robert and Jessica will be discussing “Vulnerability, Laughter and Recovery” – a topic that has been given very little attention in this day and age. Jessica reveals the importance of laugther and how vital it is to the recovery process and in everyday life. She vulnerably shares her experiences with recovery and humor as well as revealing where vulnerability plays an important role in the mix of the two. Also in this episode, Jessica educates the LifeRhythms Community with powerful scientific facts about the importance of having fun and she honestly reveals how she has been able to impact, inspire and motivate thousands of her social media followers with humor, vulnerability and giving back to the recovery community.

Lastly, you will hear a piece music that Jessica has chosen from Evlov’s discography (Robert’s music project) called, “Forgiveness Opens New Doors” as well as the inspiration that helped her select this impactful and profound piece of music. Please remember to be in touch with her after listening to the interview and tell her that you heard her speak on LifeRhythms Radio. Jessica will be more than happy to connect! Definitely reach out and check out her website for recent updates on what she is up to. You’ll be glad that you reached out to her!

About Jessica Landon:

As an actor and comedienne, Jessica has appeared on Comedy Central’s MADtv, Robot Chicken, Nickelodeon’s Drake & Josh, and NBC’s Medical Investigations. She partied with Hugh Hefner, appeared in glossy magazines and created the appearance of having a glamorous life. It all came at a cost. A few years into her acting career, Jessica spiraled into a late stage, nonfunctioning alcoholic.

Jessica’s harrowing journey has led her to numerous rehabs, mental institutions, the streets, homes and beds of sexual predators, and jail. Ultimately, her addiction left her with a brain hemorrhage and multiple organ failure as a result of lying in a drunken stupor in one spot of a street musician’s filthy rug for a month. The acid from her urine burned holes through the skin of her hips and tailbone. When Jessica was admitted to the hospital, she weighed 78 pounds, had a blood alcohol level of .503, and a rampant blood staph infection. She was told by her doctor her wouldn’t have survived the night without medical intervention.

After surviving so many tussles with death, the pain associated with drinking finally eclipsed the memory of pleasure, and Jessica was finally able to give up alcohol, fully embracing a life of forgiveness, gratitude, love, and sobriety.

She just finished writing her memoir “Human On Fire” which you will be able to purchase on my website humanonfire.com in the near future.

For more information about Jessica Landon, visit the links below:

Email: js90049@aol.com
Website: humanonfire.com
Instagram: Instagram.com/jessicalandon12

For more information about Robert Alexander, visit the links below:

Phone: 805-699-5298
Email: liferhythmscreativestudio@gmail.com
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Evlov Music: Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Mixcloud

Graphic Design: liferhythms.us/portfolio
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Instagram: @inliferhythm
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For more information about LifeRhythms Radio, please contact Robert Alexander directly at liferhythmsradioshow@gmail.com.

Also visit: www.liferhythms.us, or call Robert directly at 805-699-5298.

Ask Dr. Bunny. What inspires a writer? James F. Gray, guest

ebc2205ebcb0563954df0e9c12f01db3Author James F. Gray joins Dr. Bunny to discuss his 4th book “Audrey’s Journal”.  James has been writing all his life, but began writing novels around 9 years ago.

James shares fun info about the books he’s written, as well as the process of writing a book.  A very interesting and informative interview!

About James Gray:

After 50 years of being in commercial printing, James has retired to his true passion…
Author James Francis Gray originally hails from Massachusetts. He took printing in high school and, after a move to California, started his own printing business, that he still runs today, forty years later. When times changed and work started to slow down, he embarked upon a second career as a writer. Currently he has four books available and is always working on new books and projects.

Sold as an e-books or soft covers these fine novels are available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, iTunes & many more

Buy hard copies of James Gray’s books at these Ventura, CA locations:

Bank of Books
748 E. Main St.
James F. Gray Printing
2261 Palma Dr. #2
Gems and Glitter Boutique
2690 Loma Vista Rd.
The December Store and More
1599 Spinnaker Drive, Suite 105
Tatiana’s Coffee & Tea
2470 E. Main St.

Contact James Gray at (805) 650-2786

Also visit:  www.jamesfgray.com

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail: Bunny@BunnyVreeland.com
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Ask Dr. Bunny. How did you get so happy? Wende Lourenco, guest

Wende Lourenco and Teddy Goat

Wende Lourenco and Teddy Goat

The ever-delightful Wende Lourenco, author of Flight of Fancy and animal lover extraordinaire, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss her wonderful book, her love of animals, what inspires her, and how she got so happy!  This is an uplifting, fun interview that will leave you feeling happy, too!

Contact Wende Lourenco at (559) 799-7897 or E-mail wendelou19@aol.com
Buy the book “Flight of Fancy” (described as “”Little House on the Prairie” meets “Harry Potter” in a brand-new creation”) on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Flight-Fancy-Wende-Ward-Lourenco/dp/1257989413

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail: Bunny@BunnyVreeland.com
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Ask Dr. Bunny. What is forensic handwriting analysis? Sheila Lowe, Guest

Sheila Lowe

Sheila Lowe

Author and Forensic Handwriting Examiner, Sheila Lowe, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss Handwriting Analysis, writing books, and her Forensic Handwriting Mystery Series.

About Sheila Lowe:
If you are seeking a forensic handwriting examiner with a wide range of experience and more than forty years of experience in the field, Sheila Lowe works with clients around the world. She has qualified to testify in cases of handwriting authentication, as well as personality assessment.

A multi-published author, Sheila has published nonfiction books about handwriting analysis, and the award-winning Forensic Handwriting Mystery fiction series. Her Handwriting Analyzer software has been used around the world since the 1990s.

Sheila has taught Introduction to Handwriting Examination at the University of California Riverside campus in the CSI certificate program, Introduction to Handwriting Analysis at the UC Santa Barbara campus in the Discovery program, and has presented seminars to bank managers. She offers an online self-study course in gestalt graphology and lectures around the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Based in Southern California, Sheila is currently serving as president of the nonprofit American Handwriting Analysis Foundation. Since 1967, AHAF has been a leader in the field of handwriting analysis.

Contact Sheila Lowe by E-mail: sheila@sheilalowe.com

Also visit: www.sheilalowe.com

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail: Bunny@BunnyVreeland.com

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