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LifeRhythms Radio: Episode 32 – The ‘Deli’ of Your Belief Systems – Featured Guest: John O’Hare

John O’Hare, MFA, BA is a well known Australian actor, director, producer and teacher.

Welcome to Episode 32 of LifeRhythms Radio!

Are you feeling hungry? Do you believe in something more than the mainstream belief systems? Do you subscribe to a belief system that offers you the freedom and flexibility that you desire? We are living in an age where there are many resources available what YOU believe in. The question is… what do YOU currently resonate with?

In this very powerful (and timely) episode, special guest John O’Hare talks about the power of todays times and The ‘Deli’ of Your Belief Systems. No matter how hungry you are, your appetite will be satisfied as you hear John’s wisdom, passion, courage and insight as he vulnerably dives deep into this amazing topic. You will also get to learn more about John, what he has been up to lately, what he has been working on lately and what is offering the LifeRhythms community as a special gift. Lastly, you will hear “Ebb & Flow” – a piece of music that John was inspired to choose from the Evlov collection as part of this memorable episode.

A special note: Thank you to all who have taken the time to listen to this radio show. It has been an honor and blessing to be on the Mercury Broadcasting Network and this show would have never been the same without a powerful and impactful network. Enjoy this special episode, thanks for listening and as always – ‘stay tuned’ !

About John O’Hare:

A Graduate of the prestigious Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, John works as an actor, director, producer and acting teacher and lives in Sydney Australia.

John was the Director of School and Head of Acting at AFTT – Academy of Film Theatre and Television from 2004 to 2016 where he designed a course which is now a leader in performing arts training in Sydney. He is the Head of Acting and Technical Production at QUT Brisbane.

His highlights in theatre include: The Gigli Concert (O’Punksky’s, Sydney Theatre Company and Perth International Festival), Plough and the Stars (Hole in the Wall), Much Ado About Nothing (Kilkenny Arts Festival), The Seafarer, Blue Remembered Hills, The Slab Boys, Little Malcolm & his struggle against the Eunuchs, Observe the Sons of Ulster (O’Punksky’s Theatre), Address Unknown (Seymour Centre & Bondi Pavilion), The Cavalcaders & The Faith Healer (Ensemble Theatre), Wolf Lullaby & Stitching (Griffin Theatre), Blue Remembered Hills & Last Days of Judas Iscariot (Belvoir St).

The Cripple of Inishmaan, The Rise & Fall of Little Voive, Much Ado About Nothing, Arcadia (Sydney Theatre Company), The Shaugraun (Queensland Theatre Company, Sydney Theatre Company,Melbourne Theatre Company), Shakepeare’s R&J (Bell Shakespeare).

John’s Film & TV credits include: Wildside, Moriarty, Blackrock, The Sky is Beautiful, A Long Road to Heaven, Child of Air, Storm in a Teacup, and Blackrock, Packed to the Rafters, Cops LAC, Tough Nuts, Blue Healers, Rogue Nation, GP, Home and Away, Heroes II: the Return, A Country Practice and Daughters of the Sea King.

John is a founding director of O’Punksky’s Theatre Company.

For more information about John O’Hare:

Company: www.opunkskystheatre.com
Website: www.johnohareactor.com/
Agent: https://mollisonkeightley.com/artists/john-ohare/
IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1917151/

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Reverend Kat ~ The Soulsearch: Are Limiting Beliefs Blocking Your Road To Happiness? Kiss Them Goodbye!

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

In this week’s show, on Valentine’s Day, Reverend Kat calls out beliefs that are blocking your road to happiness.  They are toads!  Kiss them goodbye!

Replace them with loving and supportive beliefs so that you can live happily forever after!

Kat explains how limiting beliefs work when it comes to romantic relationships.  Romantic relationships can be fulfilling experiences and also full of pain and challenges.  When you are clear about your beliefs, you have clarity about what gets in your way and also where you shine in your relationships.

The Belief System:  Beliefs are habits of thinking and organize how you view life.

Beliefs are limiting or empowering: They can help you – They can get in your way – some are hidden – some you can unpack.

Most beliefs come from our childhood and tend to be “black and white” thinking.

Sample limiting beliefs that we repeat: “people always try to cheat me.”  “I am not good enough.”

Reverend Kat’s Process:  You can take a limiting belief and take a look at what you want.  You don’t even have to have a relationship to do this.  You can take action yourself!

Kat illustrates this process through a story about her dynamic, loving, musical dad and shows how the empowering belief she drew from her childhood – “men are romantic” – turned into a limiting belief – “no man could be as romantic as my dad.”

That limiting belief, affected her relationship and her feelings.   Then one Valentine’s Day she took a good look at this belief and checked in with herself to find out what she wanted.   She discovered that she wanted a heart to heart connection, to have fun, and to be herself.

This process shifted her belief it so that her relationship with her husband was freed up from limiting expectations and became more loving, dynamic and creative.

Listen to this week’s show – Reverend Kat wants to share this process of discovery with you!

Reverend Kat will continue her talks on relationships next week and until then – remember – shine your light!

About Reverend Kat (from her website):

I began my career as a Spiritual Leader when I was 7 years old. Sitting in the field beside my house one day, I asked God why some people were so unhappy. A real voice answered (no kidding),“Your job on this earth is to teach people about love and how to have what they want in life”.

From that day on, I have pursued this with a passion. From my original dream of becoming either a missionary or an actress, I have crafted a career that is grounded in Spirit as I tune into a channel that broadcasts what’s in others’ hearts and souls.

As a spiritual leader, I teach, write, and perform on life’s stage… and, as the voice predicted so long ago, I teach people about love and how to manifest from the heart.

I have faced many challenges in my life including the death of my mother when I was young, being kidnapped as a teenager and leaving a 20 plus year marriage in my 40’s. I have learned a ton through the school of hard knocks and delightful surprises as well as the training noted below.

Maryland Acupuncture Institute’s School of Philosophy in Action

Certified by the Coaches Training Institute & International Coach Federation

Christen McCormack’s Spirit School

ORSC – Organization & Relationship Systems Coach

Leader for the Coaches Training Institute

Ordained Interfaith Minister

Contact information: 

Reverend Kat Knecht, PCC



(805) 633-9119

Link To Buy Kat’s Book, The Soul Search


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