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Ask Dr. Bunny. Part 2 – Kidney Dialysis? Kidney Transplants? Susan Vanderburgh, guest.

Susan Vanderburgh joins Dr. Bunny to continue their discussion on her husband’s kidney transplants and dialysis, as well as being his caregiver.

Susan goes in-depth about the challenges that came with not only being a full-time caregiver, but also being the sole breadwinner, and a full-time business woman (on top of being a mother of 5!), when her husband started dialysis. She soon figured out that in order to be a full-time caregiver, she had to let go of certain things that she’d always wanted to do – a very difficult realization.

Caregiving is a job that has no downtime. There are no days off, no ‘I feel like doing something else today’ days.  A caregiver is always ‘on’ – and the stress is unimaginable.

Adding to the stress of caregiving, is the stress of staying financially afloat. Susan realized, from the years when she was trying to build a business, that credit has always been a top priority. And whether you’re trying to get a loan from the bank, or from a private investor, if you don’t have good credit, no one will give you a loan.  She had seen this firsthand, with her background in business, as well as from personal experience.

So, Susan started two programs using the knowledge that she had gained from being a collection specialist at a national bank, as well as her time as a loan consultant who helped clients repair their credit.  One program is for business professionals (for the credit side), and the other program is specialized for caregivers who can call Susan for emotional support, as well as credit help.

Susan’s unique background gives her not only the extensive knowledge of repairing & building credit, but also allows her to help someone in a caregiving situation avoid a drop in their credit score, so that they will be more able to get a loan or credit cards, if/when they need them.

Susan is such a wealth of information and a true inspiration to all!  This is an interview you don’t want to miss!

Contact Susan Vanderburgh by E-mail (preferred): offer@getcreditcure.com or call (760) 443-4143

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail: Bunny@BunnyVreeland.com
Also visit:  https://bunnyvreeland.org/  https://vreelandcollege.org/  http://upgradeyourlifewithdrbunny.com/

renaissanceRADIO for Sassy Seniors: Hypnotherapist Brian Balke joins Lynn and Buzz

Hypnotherapist Brian Balke joins Lynn & Buzz for an exciting and interesting conversation!  Brian studied hypnosis at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (the first certified hypnotherapy college) and has gained specialty certifications in hypnosis for seniors and caregivers. He is also certified for hypnosis for pain management and cancer, and is currently working toward a specialization in hypnosis for dementia.
Brian started his career in the hard sciences before transitioning to software development. His spiritual sensitivities fueled a life-long interest in psychology, mysticism and religion. In his hypnotherapy practice, he unifies the perspectives of the scientist and mystic.
Relevant posts (actually intended for therapists, but may be useful to sophisticated lay readers):
Alzheimer’s Association: www.alz.org   He is a caregiver support group facilitator.
About Hypnosis Rising:
Every journey into healing and strength involves humor, patience and hope. Hypnosis Rising offers a warm and welcoming environment to unleash those qualities. I’m not interested in demonstrations of hypnotic skill or psychological control. Each session is about you, your journey, and promotes your sense of accomplishment.
Contact Brian Balke:
Brian Balke,Hypnosis Rising
1500 Palma Dr., Ste 131
Ventura, CA 93003

About Lynn Chaplin-Noe and Buzz Noe:

Lynn Chaplin-Noe, Broadway Veteran, Speaker and Story Teller, Minister, Producer, Writer and TRANSITIONAL COACH is dedicated to helping Seniors, Elders, and Sages, to navigate through a potentially ageist culture and find inspiration.

Her husband Buzz Noe, is a spiritual Practitioner, business owner, producer, writer and beloved local personality. The two of them partner up to provide every opportunity for Seniors to experience a renaissance of their own, to reinvent their lives, to fall in love with their lives again and find purpose. The result is SASSY SENIORS!

Contact Lynn Chaplin-Noe and Buzz Noe at (805) 366-0342 or by e-mail: rennowkiss@gmail.com

Also find renaissanceNOW on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RenNowSassySeniors/

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