Chris Caccamise, owner of CJE Productions, joins Dr. Bunny in his studio to discuss music, his podcast, video production, being a musician and so much more! Chris even has a YouTube channel with 11,500 subscribers – this is one talented & busy guy!

If you have any video or production needs, are looking to start a podcast, or if you need promotional content, Chris Caccamise is your guy! Tune in for a very interesting and fun interview! Oh, and by the way… how do you pronounce Caccamise?

About CJE Productions:
In today’s digitally connected world, a compelling and trenchant video presence for your business or product is absolutely essential.  Countless millions of videos are viewed every day on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and dozens of others affirming that Videos designed for social media platforms, as well as eCommerce and community websites have become paramount. Videos have now overwhelmingly become the number one consumed form of media on the internet with mobile video views set to become the preferred form of mobile communication.

At CJE Productions, we understand that wise advertising and/or social media plans designed for small businesses always allow for inclusion of all video content. We’re also cognitive of the fact that running a small business can often times be challenging and we’re here to help.

If you’re like many small business owners, you may have the desire to communicate the products or services you offer to others, but may simply lack the knowledge, time or resources to create compelling video messages. Any wise advertising and social media plan allows for inclusion of all video content.
Many of our clients have developed and established a strong digital media presence using our custom videos designed to showcase their business strengths, let us show you how we can help your small business ascend to the next level.

CJE Productions is your full-service video production partner. With our in-house production resources, you can deliver high-quality and affordable video content to a broad base of prospective clients. From retail automotive video production to music store showcases, in-studio broadcasts to event videography and everything in between, we are your one source video production team. Nothing captures attention as effectively as quality visuals. We offer no cost consultations, complete aerial videography, production budgeting, scheduling, and much more, so talk to us about developing your next custom video…
CJE Productions can bring your message to life.

CJE Productions—let us help you share your message.

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