W. Todd Williams – Changemaker and Owner of Orb Technologies

Welcome to Episode 4 of LifeRhythms Radio!

In this episode, Robert ventures to Newbury Park, CA where he interviews W. Todd Williams, the talented, humble and authentic owner of Orb Technologies. In this insightful conversation, Robert and Todd will be connecting on a very popular topic – “Focus and Life Purpose”.  On the road of life, you never know what will be unfolding, especially when you are true to yourself. At times, we tend to question where we are on our life journey and the path that is important for us to follow. At the end of the day, when you follow your heart, you will choose the path that will serves you best. Also in this episode, Todd reveals his vulnerable experiences about his life journey and offers his tender wisdom that will deeply impact the LifeRhythms Community. He truly is one who does serve – professionally and personally. Don’t forget to reach out to him and connect via email or social media!

Through his kindness, talents, wisdom and willingness to connect and assist you, Todd is here to help. Indeed, this episode is one that you must tune in for! When you reach out to him, please tell him that you heard him though LifeRhythms Radio. This incredible gentleman has something very valuable to offer you.

About W. Todd Williams:

Presently, Todd Williams is the owner of Orb Technologies in Newbury Park, CA. At this time Orb Technologies offers printing supplies and desktop printing devices repair service, shipping nationwide.

During the course of his life, Todd has moved from the east coast of the US to the central midwest to the west coast. Throughout this time he has had many varied interests, endeavors, and experiences. From food preparation to manufacturing reverse osmosis water filters to teaching higher mathematics to building computer systems to residential and commercial construction to managing a recycling center to being one of the founders of the Wilderness Outdoor Leadership Foundation to beekeeping to forming Orb Technologies, all of these things (and more not listed here) taught him to be a successful entrepreneur. Meanwhile Todd continues his education, studying computer science, psychology, philosophy, history in general, and the world’s medical practices.

While thoroughly enjoying the natural world and its many wonders, Todd also believes that a spiritual aspect to life is essential to truly be fulfilled. One of his core beliefs is that once we learn how take of ourselves, we are obligated to assist other people — to give back to others. Recently, he has chosen a group of mentors to work with and learn from whose mission is to help at least one million people become the best version of themselves which they can. Certainly, in time, that number of one million will grow larger.

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