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Q&A with CIPCUG: Round 3

Welcome to the 3rd round of Q&A with CIPCUG.

Listen to Toby Scott answer the following submitted questions from CIPCUG’s Facebook Group Page in the player bar at the bottom of this page.

Question from Sue Nethercott: Do you know of any free software that will produce a decent stab at transcribing an audio or video (other than Youtube close captioning)? I’m not after perfection, just something to considerably reduce the amount of typing I need to do, and the time taken.

Question from John Weigle: What’s a virtual desk and why might I want it?

Another question from Sue Nethercott: Which is the hottest social media platform these days, and are they used by different groups (e.g. generations) for different purposes?

Question from Tony Pizza: What’s the purpose of Homegroup? Doesn’t it do the same thing as a Workgroup?

Question from Sue Nethercott: What can I do with my old iPad 1?

Another question from Sue Nethercott: Which is the best antivirus, and should you have more than one?

Thanks, Sue Nethercott: What are the pros and cons of switching away from Windows to something else?

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Ask Dr. Bunny. What are the most frequently asked questions about computers? Toby Scott, Guest

Toby Scott

Toby Scott

Toby Scott, computer expert at Ventura County Computers, joins Dr. Bunny to answer the questions that his clients most frequently ask.  Tune in and learn valuable info that can help you with your computer issues!

About Ventura County Computers:

Ventura County Computers is an Intel Gold Technology Provider. What that means for you is we have the very best in quality and service for all PC’s we build. Intel provides a three year warranty on all Intel parts we sell. Should an Intel part fail during the three year warrantee period, Intel will overnight replacement parts to us so you can get up and running quickly. This is a program for select, local dealers. It is not available to big box stores.

Ventura County Computers adds the three year warrantee to all the parts in the computers we build. Along with free overnight replacement of any failed components we can get your server or workstations back up and running quickly if you have a problem. Amazingly, our computers with all-Intel motherboards and processors, server-class hard drives, lifetime warrantee on memory and a full 3 year system warrantee cost less than many systems with one year warrantees manufactured with much lesser equipment.

With all the new devices available today, we can sync data between desktop computers, laptops, tablets and phones — whether they are Microsoft, Android or Apple. There are several excellent, free tools.

We handle home computers as well as small businesses. So come in and talk to us. You will find that not only will you get real answers to your questions. You will also feel comfortable stopping by. And if you want us to come to you we’re just a phone call away.

Contact Toby Scott at Ventura County Computers  2175 goodyear avenue, unit 117  Ventura, CA 93003  (805) 289-3960

Also visit:  https://www.vccomputers.com/

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail: Bunny@BunnyVreeland.com

Also visit:

Dr. Bunny

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