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Matt Bromund – Fighting For Your Future: Family Law – Divorce – A Negative Equation Has A Positive Result!

BromundHeadshot6This week, Matt Bromund, Principal Attorney at the Bromund Law Group,  hones in on family law, specifically on divorce.

Matt shares his unique philosophy:  A rule of mathematics using negative numbers is at the core of a proper understanding of divorce.

He uses a metaphor of digging a hole on a beach – the hole is the negative, and sand in the shovel is the positive. When you fill in the hole you are filling in the negative and making it into a positive. Level ground on the sand is balanced – zero – 0.

Matt says:  What happens in divorce is that almost always one member has been scooping out positivity for a long time.  If one part of the family is taking away the positivity from the family by indulging in addiction, being abusive, or deceitful, they are taking out the element of positivity.  If that person is removed, the negativity stops.

The family is not “broken.” Every beach will fill in a hole.  Families will restore and heal if they stop scooping out the positivity.

Matt elaborates:  “We are not making you (the family)  less than, but making you greater… you end up with more.”  Within a year, Matt says, by removing a toxic person from a family, whatever the issues were, the family is happier and stronger.

Listen to Matt’s inspiring new show and find out how the Bromund Law Group can help you or someone you love.

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Worth Saving! A Client That’s Being Treated Unfairly In Divorce!

Carla Hartley, Esq. with former client, Edward

Carla Hartley, Esq. with former client, Edward

Carla Hartley is joined by former client, Edward, to share the story of how trying to ‘keep the peace’ during a divorce settlement, can go terribly wrong!  What happens when you think you’re doing the right thing, but in reality you’re being taken advantage of?  Tune in and learn some very valuable advice!

Ms. Hartley is an Attorney at the law firm Hartley, Maxwell and Castellano, in Ventura, CA.

Contact Carla Hartley at www.my-family-law.com

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