Dr. Randy Nordyke

Dr. Randy Nordyke joins Dr. Bunny to discuss pain, opioids, addiction, and getting your life back.  Dr. Nordyke shares a very personal story about having knee replacement, surviving 9 blood clots, becoming addicted to opioids, his journey to overcoming opioid addiction and reclaiming his life.

Tune in as Dr. Nordyke tells us about the scariest night of his life, and the lesson he learned from this whole experience.  We’ll also learn about what Dr. Nordyke is doing to help others avoid opioid addiction.


About Dr. Randy Nordyke:

Dr. Randy Nordyke is an experienced medical professional who has enjoyed a 30-year career working as a doctor, entrepreneur, product innovator, and mentor. After spending several years as a professional motocross racer, a number of injuries forced Dr. Nordyke to retire from the sport and pursue occupation elsewhere. Dealing with his injuries opened his eyes to how incredibly rewarding a career in medicine would be. He followed this interest and found practicing medicine to be incredibly fulfilling, enjoying especially treating difficult or unusual cases. In a way, practicing medicine gives Dr. Randy Nordyke the same kind of thrill and excitement that had first drawn him to motocross years before.

Dr. Randy Nordyke is most proud of his surgical procedure that treats nail fungus. Due to health or environmental reasons, the finger- and toenails of some individuals become distorted and disfigured, causing undue embarrassment and shame in physical appearance. Dr. Nordyke developed a procedure that can take even the worst-looking nails and restore them to their original glory and help them look normal again. Although nail fungus is certainly a minor concern in the scope of practicing medicine, it can inhibit people’s lives in many ways. Now, these patients — with the help of Dr. Randy Nordyke — have regained the confidence to wear open-toed shoes in public and visit the beach with family and friends without fear. His technique proved to be a truly life-changing procedure that gave back many great aspects of people’s lives.

Furthermore, within his work in medicine, Dr. Randy Nordyke has greatly enjoyed his entrepreneurial pursuits as well, developing life-changing products and procedures, including his Wound Honey. Dr. Nordyke’s Wound Honey is a product that was and is now being sold all across the globe. Wound Honey provides a safe and sanitary option for minor cuts and wounds that has proven extremely beneficial in helping people who do not have the ability or the resources to seek medical attention to treat their injuries.

Now, Dr. Nordyke has developed what he feels is his best product to date; INSPIRIT CBD Crème. This cannabinoid-based creme is a breakthrough Pain Crème that has no negative side effects, yet is highly effective in reducing pain and inflammation for people who chronically suffer from joint or inflammatory pain. This product can, in many cases replace, or at least reduce, the need for over the counter pain medications, for which more and more negative side-effects are being discovered all the time.

Rob 20 Foundation:

Dr. Randy Nordyke is committed to making serious changes within the United States’ pharmaceutical industry, specifically reducing the number of opiate prescriptions. Although the United States makes up only 5% of the world’s population, it’s citizens consume 99% of all Vicodin and 86% of all pain medication combined. While there has been legislation introduced to reduce the number of prescriptions, and there is evidence that it has reduced these numbers ever so slightly, greater awareness needs to be made.

In an effort to address this growing problem, Dr. Randy Nordyke has worked to establish the Rob 20 Foundation, which stands for Reduce Opiates by 20%. This non-profit will work to create an awareness campaign through online channels and speaking events with physician groups so that they can educate the public on this “epidemic of opiates.” The foundation will also provide resources for patients and physicians who are abusing drugs and/or alcohol.

Dr. Nordyke states that every physician understands that there is an epidemic with opiates in America, but what they do not understand is that every single doctor that over-prescribes is part of the problem. Rob 20 Foundation hopes to change that perspective, by making every doctor accountable to help make a positive change with this American epidemic.

Contact Dr. Randy Nordyke at drnordyke@gmail.com

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