Bruce Ferguson

Bruce Ferguson, COO and co-founder of Elevated Resources, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss Elevated Resources, a contingent workforce management firm.

Elevated Resources works with companies who hire temporary workers.  Most companies have full time employees, but they also hire temporary workers, and that’s where Elevated Resources can be of assistance.  Imagine trying to handle the ins and outs of hundreds of temporary employees at any given time – you would definitely need a professional company to keep things organized. Bruce explains the fascinating process of this specialized service.

Bruce also explains the “gig economy” that many millennials favor – for instance, working a temporary job for 6 months, then traveling for 2 months, then picking up another temporary job.  This is why more and more businesses are moving to a higher mix of contingent workers versus full time workers.

We’ll also hear a very sweet story of how Bruce met his wife, got married for the first time at age 51, and is now the proud father of triplets!

This is a great interview you don’t want to miss!

About Elevated Resources:

Elevated Resources is a premier, global talent acquisition & management service provider dedicated to helping middle-market companies build talent-driven organizations through identifying, hiring and retaining exemplary talent. Founded in 2007, Elevated Resources is a rapidly growing, Inc. 500 Company.

We lead the industry by integrating best-practice processes and flexibly scalable resources and world class technology tools into the Talent Acquisition & Management functions of our clients. Our approach supports the efforts of our client to transform their human resources activities into value-added channels for branding their companies as the career progression choice in their industry.

Elevated Resources’s consultative approach is aimed at designing, implementing and operating our proven talent acquisition programs by seamlessly integrating our people, systems, experience and technology with each client’s existing talent acquisition and contingent talent management functions.

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