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Q&A with CIPCUG Session 80

IRS looking to online tax returns

Lisa Toth   Where is the best (or maybe only) place to buy Office 365.

Roger Houston   I have had a slightly different problem. Twice in 3.6 years, my Samsung GS5 had lost the directory in my installed micro SD card. The card could not be read by any PC either. I changed to another card with the same result. Recently I had to reformat it in order to see it. I lost any info on the card. I do not remember if I dropped the cellphone, causing an intermittent electrical connection?????

Lisa Toth   Because of my vision problems I have my computer set up so most everything is bigger than usual. Sometimes, I can’t get to the “post” or “submit” button in Facebook. Trying to make the page smaller so I can scroll down doesn’t work, trying to drag the page smaller doesn’t work. I end up copying the link from the url cell, and pasting it in FB etc.  Any work around you know of?

Craig Ladd   uBlock Origin has been discussed before, is there another add-on that is equally good ?

Lisa Toth  I saw a message that said: micro SD unexpectedly dismounted. I can’t figure out a way other than to take the phone apart to get it re-mounted.

News Item:  The IRS Data Verification Modernization Act of 2017, recently introduced in Congress by Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) and Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), would set up an application programming interface (API) at the IRS.

News Item:  Flaws in Sonos and Bose Smart Speakers Let Hackers Play Pranks on Users

Q&A with CIPCUG – Beware the Blue Screen Hack


The Blue Screen Hack

The Blue Screen Hack

Before we do anything else… We have to applaud the craftsmanship that went into what is called:

“The Blue Screen Hack”

It looks like the blue screen you get when your computer just dies for no real reason, except, at the bottom there is a phone number.  No Error on the face of Microsoft’s software team, included a business card with their error messages, this is a scam, a bad and expensive one to fix too…  Whatever you do. DO NOT CALL.  Call Toby or Mike or Rick. Call them, not the number on the blue screen.  The contact info is at the bottom.

And now for the rest of the program 🙂

From several members:  Please explain the Blue Screen hack.. (see above, and hear about it on the podcast)

Lisa Toth:  I get script errors in Outlook when I try to read some email messages.

Andy Toth:  Is there a way to recover specific files from a Microsoft System Image without having to restore?  What version of Windows?  I’m running Win10 but want files from a Win7 backup.

Bunny Vreeland:  Please comment on the Apple $10,000 Gold Watch

Sue Nethercott: I have a twitter hash tag I check from time to time to see if there are any rare birds in my area at the moment but for a while now it hasn’t been showing me the latest tweets first. Knowing what birds were around last month is useless to me. I unchecked ‘Show me the best Tweets first’ when they introduced the change to the timeline.

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Dr. Bunny

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