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renaissanceRADIO for Sassy Seniors: Introducing Sevina Altanova!

Join our incredible Sassy Seniors hosts, Buzz and Lynn Noe, as they introduce Sevina Altanova, their friend, neighbor and fellow theater lover.

Sevina is certified Reiki Master, Personal Trainer and Yoga/Meditation teacher. Her field of expertise is Relaxation; she approaches it from many different angles- Active Relaxation through Yoga and Passive Relaxation through Relaxation/Meditation. The methods she uses support the physical and mental balance in people. She offers “the whole enchilada” to her clientele and works with men and women.

Sevina Altanova was an actress and writer in her native Bulgaria until she moved to the United States a decade ago. Here she continues writing and also teaches Stress Management.

She works with wide variety of clients from big corporations to local yoga studios and privet clients.

Sevina just opened her new Stress Management Office in Oxnard, where she provides Reiki Healing to the public: 2200 Outlet Center Dr. #430, Oxnard 93036; ph: 805-312-8708

Buzz and Lynn

About Lynn Chaplin-Noe and Buzz Noe:

Lynn Chaplin-Noe, Broadway Veteran, Speaker and Story Teller, Minister, Producer, Writer and TRANSITIONAL COACH is dedicated to helping Seniors, Elders, and Sages, to navigate through a potentially ageist culture and find inspiration.

Her husband Buzz Noe, is a spiritual Practitioner, business owner, producer, writer and beloved local personality. The two of them partner up to provide every opportunity for Seniors to experience a renaissance of their own, to reinvent their lives, to fall in love with their lives again and find purpose. The result is SASSY SENIORS!

Contact Lynn Chaplin-Noe and Buzz Noe at (805) 366-0342 or by e-mail: rennowkiss@gmail.com

Also find renaissanceNOW on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RenNowSassySeniors/


Ask Dr. Bunny. A cancer survivor for over 30 years? David Bodofsky, guest.

David Bodofsky joins Dr. Bunny to discuss life, music’s healing power, and being a cancer survivor for over 30 years!  David shares how he discovered he had a brain tumor at the age of 22, in 1987, and the steps that were taken immediately in an effort to remove the tumor.

David is a musician and a music teacher, both in school, as well as private lessons.  He also tells us why he took his first formal music lesson, and why he wrote a song for his father after missing his father’s memorial service.

Music is so healing and enriching, and David is convinced that music is what keeps him alive – whether it’s the music, or the work itself because there’s no time to think about being ill.

David shares what his biggest fear of surgery was, and what he told his doctor.  He also tells us about having surgery while being awake, and why that is important in brain surgery.

David certainly believes in miracles and has a fascinating story, full of gratitude and appreciation.  This is one story you need to hear!

Contact David Bodofsky by e-mail: bodofsky@aol.com

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or e-mail: Bunny@BunnyVreeland.com
Also visit: https://bunnyvreeland.org/ https://vreelandcollege.org/ https://upgradeyourlifewithdrbunny.com

SNAP! Unhypnotizing Hypnotherapy. Healing after addiction & molestation. Wendy Bowers, R.N., guest

Wendy Bowers, R.N., owner of A Fresh Face in Camarillo, CA, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss her very personal story of how opioids, addiction, and molestation affected her life.

Although Wendy was never addicted to drugs or alcohol, many people in her family have been.  Wendy’s father died of a heroin overdose when she was 11 years old.  She discusses how addiction, as well as molestation by her stepfather, affected many people in her family, and how it has affected her personally. She also shares how her family has healed with counseling, and that they are all now living healthy lives.

Wendy also discusses her business, A Fresh Face, how she started out as a trauma nurse and got into “Aesthetic Arts”, helping both women and men look & feel great.

This is an interview you don’t want to miss!

About Wendy Bowers, R.N.
Wendy Bowers has been a Nurse for over 21 years and a resident of Camarillo for the past 15 years. She has over 20 Years of Pediatric and Adult Trauma experience, which includes Level I Trauma at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Level II trauma at Ventura County Medical Center and John’s Pleasant Valley Hospital in Camarillo. She has over 15 years of experience working with Injectable products and Laser Treatments and has devoted the last ten years to these areas full time. She is well respected in the field for her patient results and also her confident and calming bedside manner. These qualities have delivered her a large & loyal client base, which continues to grow. Word of mouth has been her best advertising from the beginning because of the level of trust and satisfaction enjoyed by her clients. Wendy has trained several Registered Nurses and Doctors in the Southern California area in the latest techniques of injecting for more successful results. Wendy is in the process of developing her own “Aesthetic Arts Academy” training program but is still a student herself and continues her education in the most recent developments in the industry for medical, preventive and corrective procedures in her field. Wendy’s pursuit of the highest quality of care & realistic patient expectations make the partnership of herself and Dr. Scott a perfect pairing of mutual respect. They have worked together for over 10 years and have enjoyed 6 years as business partners in the aesthetic industry. Wendy is also a Military Veteran. She served in the regular Army, the Army Reserves, Army National Guard and the Air National Guard for 17 years.

Contact Wendy Bowers, R.N., at (805) 603-9060 or E-mail wendy@afreshfaceinc.com
Also visit: https://afreshfaceinc.com/

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail: Bunny@BunnyVreeland.com
Also visit: https://bunnyvreeland.org/ https://vreelandcollege.org/ https://upgradeyourlifewithdrbunny.com https://communicatewithanyone.wordpress.com/

SNAP! Unhypnotizing Hypnotherapy. Thanksgiving Wishes.

On this Thanksgiving, Dr. Bunny acknowledges that it has been a very difficult November in California. A mass shooting, devastating fires… Such extreme loss is overwhelming and can leave you feeling hopeless, but please know that there is always hope.

If you need someone to talk to, please call Dr. Bunny at (805) 482-8111, or e-mail Bunny@BunnyVreeland.com. She would love to talk with you & help during this very difficult time.

Sending you warm wishes on this Thanksgiving…


Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail: Bunny@BunnyVreeland.com
Also visit: https://bunnyvreeland.org/ https://vreelandcollege.org/ https://upgradeyourlifewithdrbunny.com https://communicatewithanyone.wordpress.com/

About Dr. Bunny Vreeland:

Dr. Bunny Vreeland has been a professional model, an award winning Color and Image Consultant, Radio & TV Show host, and, for the past 20+ years, a Board Certified, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Ordained Minister and the Founder of the Vreeland College of the Healing Arts where she sees clients for Hypnotherapy issues and teaches Accredited Basic and Advanced Hypnotherapy classes on a regular basis.

She was a professional model with a major agency in Los Angeles for a number of years, and a published author of a best seller on the subject of Image, entitled, “How To Be A Woman – 15 easy Steps to Presenting Your Best Image”.

Because of Dr. Bunny’s diverse background, she is the go-to person for questions that run the gamut from Hypnotherapy, a Holistic lifestyle, beauty and image, to health, wellness & positive living.

Dr. Bunny created www.MercuryBroadcasting.net to answer your questions, bring you fascinating guests on a variety of topics, and share her knowledge of things that are important in your life.

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail: Bunny@BunnyVreeland.com
Also visit: https://bunnyvreeland.org/ https://vreelandcollege.org/ https://upgradeyourlifewithdrbunny.com https://communicatewithanyone.wordpress.com/

LifeRhythms Radio: Episode 31 – The Power of Rest and ‘Sound’ Sleeping – Featured Guest: LifeRhythms

Peaceful Rest during Cosmic Transition, a personalized piece of music for those desiring better rest and wellbeing – designed by LifeRhythms (www.liferhythms.us).

Welcome to Episode 31 of LifeRhythms Radio!

Are you getting enough rest at night? Do you feel plagued by insomnia? In this day and age, there are many resources available for this large problem. The question is… are any of these solutions resonating with YOU? In this episode, Robert talks about the power and importance of having personalized music for your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. You will hear “Peaceful Rest during a Cosmic Transition” – a piece of music that was originally designed for a healer and later became available for the masses so they can get better rest.

Your Life. Your Rhythm. This is the tagline of LifeRhythms – a powerful and innovative business founded by Robert Alexander and host / producer of LifeRhythms Radio. Because everyone lives their lives differently, Robert wanted to create a platform that offered support and music that is tailored specifically for his clients all over the world. And guess what? Those who have explored this option have benefitted tremendously! And… of course many of them are getting amazing rest… and more! Enjoy this special episode and as always – ‘stay tuned’ !

About LifeRhythms and Robert Alexander:

Robert Alexander is the founder and visionary behind LifeRhythms – a business that focuses on creating personalized pieces of music, private sessions and group immersions to help promote wellness, wellbeing and (individual and community) connectivity. As an Audio Alchemist, Robert creates personalized pieces of music for coaches, healers, yoginis, hypnotherapists, Reiki masters and other businesses for use in their offices and promotional media.

He also creates personalized audio products and offers private sessions (via phone, person and online) to help individuals with their relationship with anxiety, PTSD, addiction, depression, insomnia and other physical, mental and emotional conditions that affect everyday moods and wellbeing. Robert has also created personalized pieces of music for those who have been diagnosed with cancer, moving through major life transitions, experiencing menopause and desiring alternative solutions for wellbeing.

Robert is a transformational music artist and has music under the moniker “Evlov” is featured on platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Pandora. His music is available worldwide and has albums available for sale in physical and digital formats.

To stream and/or purchase this transformational piece of music, visit the links below:

Bandcamp: https://evlov.bandcamp.com/track/peaceful-rest-during-cosmic-transition
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/evlov/peaceful-rest-during-cosmic-transition
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWC_UscjKgw

For more information about Robert Alexander, visit the links below:

Phone: 805-699-5298
Email: liferhythmscreativestudio@gmail.com
LifeRhythms (Personalized Music & Private Support): liferhythms.us
Evlov Music: Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Mixcloud

Graphic Design: liferhythms.us/portfolio
Facebook (Personal): facebook.com/inliferhythm
Facebook (Professional): https://www.facebook.com/yourliferhythm/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/liferhythms/
Instagram: @inliferhythm
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/YourLifeRhythm

For more information about LifeRhythms Radio (guest spots, advertising sponsorships, partnerships, etc):
please contact Robert Alexander directly at liferhythmsradioshow@gmail.com.
Also visit: www.liferhythms.us, or call Robert directly at 805-699-5298.

Join the LifeRhythms Radio Community online:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/liferhythmsradioshow/
Instagram: @liferhythmsradioshow

Dr. Bunny

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