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Ask Dr. Bunny. A positive attitude during a health crisis, with no insurance? Joe Lara, guest.

Joe Lara – Before

Joe Lara, After

Joe Lara (a.k.a. Joe the Plumber on the west coast 🙂 ) joins Dr. Bunny to discuss the importance of health & keeping a positive attitude – and so much more! 

Joe’s been through some interesting things in life so far – from being a power weight lifter, to getting obese, a battle with diabetes, losing 70 lbs, and tackling (and overcoming!) some serious health issues – to being confused with “Joe The Plumber” who rose to fame during the Obama/McCain election year — this is a man with some incredible stories!  

Tune in as Joe shares his triumphs, as well as his challenges, with us.  This is an uplifting interview with an inspiring man!

Contact Joe Lara at (805) 827-5226 or E-mail: joelaratheplumber@yahoo.com 

Please check out Joe’s “Looming cancer surgery no insurance to cover costs” Facebook fundraiser: https://www.facebook.com/donate/363641467519087/

Joe’s most recent post (Jan. 21, 2019) regarding the fundraiser:

It’s been a month since my colon cancer surgery. The pain is mostly gone, but the scars are still very tender. I got upgraded to lift 20 lbs, but I’m still not allowed to return to work. Being a self employed plumber means I have had NO income coming in since October 1st. I’m not allowed back to work until March or April. My only source of income are the donations that I received from a lot of you. My bill from the first hospital was $30,000. And my monthly expenses are $4000. I’m still waiting for the big bill from the surgery and I’m on pins and needles with worry. If anyone can help with donations I can really use your help! Please share this with everyone you know. Thank you! Joe

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LifeRhythms Radio: Episode 30 – Surviving vs. Thriving – Featured Guest: Jason Boritz

Jason Boritz, Entrepreneur and Founder of Begnosis.

Welcome to Episode 30 of LifeRhythms Radio!

Are you ready to explore the power of the mind and our human ability to create inner transformation? Have you caught yourself between the lines of surviving and thriving? In this episode, Robert and special guest Jason Boritz connect on the powerful topic of Surviving vs. Thriving. Based in Los Angeles, Jason is an amazing entrepreneur and the founder of Begnosis. Jason will share more about his reasons for starting his company as well as his own journey with this weeks episode topic. You will hear his passion, enthusiasm and wisdom as he speaks and you will definitely feel motivated, empowered, inspired and comforted with the powerful what he shares. Jason will dive into the causes of depression, creating goals and reminders that will bring much ease to your human experience – whether you are surviving or thriving. Jason reminds us when you are creating, achieving and actualizing a goal, it’s all about keeping your focus on it and do not get let allow anyone and/or anything to get in the way of it. Indeed, this is definitely another LifeRhythms interview that you certainly cannot miss!

Also in this episode, you will hear a song from Evlov’s titled “Awaken the Flow”, as well as Jasons inspiration for choosing it. Jason also has two powerful offerings that are available for LifeRhythms Radio listeners! Yes! That’s YOU!! If you haven’t reached out to him already, please reach out and remember to redeem his special offers. Also remember to share with him that you heard his fantastic interview on LifeRhythms Radio and he will be more than happy to connect with you. If you haven’t heard his interview just yet, now is the time! Look for that little triangle at the bottom of the page and… press… play… now!

About Jason:

When Jason Bortiz found himself dealing with severe illness, seemingly overnight, he began to experience the faults in our current medical system. Jason had become infected with an acute form of Lyme Disease, turned chronic, and spent the next 5 years healing from illness and learning that the medical system was not equipped to deal with chronic conditions effectively. It was deep in this experience, that the idea of Begnosis was conceived. Begnosis, meaning ‘be knowledge’ in greek, is a health and wellness company, that is dedicated to preventing disease before it happens, and in helping those who are chronically ill, to heal. Jason conceptualized an algorithm, that would teach people of their current health state and of their specific disease susceptibility.

If people could have knowledge of their specific risks and disease susceptibility, and resources to address these risks or ailments, then a large need would be met, and ilness suffering could either be reduced or prevented. In current day, Jason is the lead in creating this health algorithm, that computes genetic data, lifestyle factors, and gut microbiome, to create a specific health assessment.

In addition to this health assessment, Begnosos will offer product and service resources for an individual to address their health needs. Begnosis currently offers a growing online disease database, to educate on various major diseases and will be opening a cannabis bar in West Hollywood in 2019.

Jason aims to be on the forefront in change of how the medical system deals with chronic disease, and also part of societal change in how individuals medicate in a public setting. His goals are to provide an efficient and revolutionary way to approach and manage disease. In all aspects of Begnosis, you can find resource to heal the body. It is because of Jason’s experience in illness, that he was able to create change in the way individuals deal with illness. He is an empowerer, seeking to shift disease management on a mass scale, with goals of future integration in the medical system.

For more information about Jason Boritz, visit the links below:

Website: www.begnosis.com
Email: support@begnosis.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/begnosis

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Ask Dr. Bunny. Stage Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy? Dr. Timothy Ramos, guest

Dr. Timothy Ramos joins Dr. Bunny at the HypnoThoughts Live 2018 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, to discuss stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Dr. Timothy Ramos is a stage hypnotist, and also uses hypnosis for health – from addictions, anxiety, to bed wetting – you name it! He is also a chiropractor, practicing chiropractic & hypnotherapy at his office in Decatur, Alabama.

Dr. Ramos looks at everything as a thought process – you can have bad thought or a good thought, and you can change your thoughts to create a healthy protocol.  You have the power of thought!

About Dr. Timothy Ramos, SR., BS, LAc, FIAMA, DiHom, DC
Dr. Timothy N Ramos graduated with a Chiropractic degree from Life University. He also has a degree in Acupuncture from Parker University and additional Homeopathy training from a renowned school in Britain.

He teaches acupuncture to other health care providers. He has completed at least 1000 hours of acupuncture training.

About Dr. Timothy Ramos, stage hypnotist:
Allow yourself to enjoy a hypnotic event filled with laughs and wonderment. I use the stage name: The Fantastic Hypnotist I perform a family and corporate friendly show. All shows will have appropriate language and music rated PH ( Pretty Hilarious ). Corporate events are welcome as I deal with professionals daily. My goal for your show will be laugh out loud humor, amazement and an all out good time. My attempt to taylor the show to your areas of interest. This will make the event more personable and relatable to the volunteers. My show setup will entail a small pre-talk warmup. A call for volunteers for the hypnotic induction and then the fun will begin.

The show tends to run from 45 minutes to an hour. This depends on your allowed time and participation. The show will be clean, smart and a lot of fun. I can easily relate to the university crowds. Being an adjunct professor for University of Western States. I enjoy the school spirit and love to perform for them.

Contact Dr. Timothy Ramos at https://fantastichypnotist.com/ and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Fantastic-Hypnotist-871972306285962/

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Dyanne Van Der Kamp: My Journey To A Healthy Weight – My 4th Week!

My 4th Week:  The Underlying Causes or Reasons



Dr. Bunny and I discuss how I was ‘skinny’ for a minute.

I share with Dr. Bunny that I feel negative about being skinny because in the past, I considered myself to be conceited when I loved how I looked and felt when I was ‘skinny.’

I am remembering and talking about a lot of old memories and history that I kept pretty buried.

Also, I was molested by two older men.  I told Dr. Bunny that I was molested by two older ‘gentlemen.’

She told me that they were NOT gentlemen and we had a discussion about how I held that in my memory.

Being fat made me invisible and not prey to these predators or my feelings of being vain, but it also made me depressed. I no longer love myself because of how my extra weight makes me look and feel or the damage that it has done to my health.

I eat very clean. A doctor had introduced me to a book that was called “Wheat Belly”, and I learned to stay away from genetically modified foods (GMOs).

I think that if I can just change my mind with Dr. Bunny as I have done with my diet that I can be successful on my journey to healthy weight.

I think things are starting to ‘shift’.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.

Dyanne @ Cell: 805-717-9316

Email: Dyannevdk@gmail.com

You can reach Dr. Bunny @ 805-482-8111

Email: Bunny@BunnyVreeland.com

You can order the 6 session, “Lose Weight And Keep It Off” CD Set that Dyanne is using @ https://bunnyvreeland.org/store/


Dyanne Van Der Kamp: My Journey To A Healthy Weight – My 3rd Week!

Dyanne_photo3My Third Week – Continuing Commitment AND,
Noticing  That My Clothes Are Looser!

 Dr. Bunny and I discuss how my week went after my first hypnotherapy session. 
 I was much happier and focused on eating properly. 
I am also afraid to fail on my journey to a healthy weight because I have not had any kind of long term success in the past. 
I shared the health conditions that I have been diagnosed with such as sleep apnea, heart arrhythmia, which is an irregular heart beat, and insulin resistance. I currently use a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine for sleeping because sleep apnea can be dangerous if untreated and may be the underlying cause of the arrhythmia.. 
I am told by the doctors constantly that the sleep apnea and high blood pressure can be reversed if I shed the extra weight, which is why I am so motivated. 
My clothes are looser after this first week, but Dr. Bunny mentioned not to fixate on the scale as weight fluctuates throughout the day for may reasons. She says to pay more attention to the way my clothes fit and how my body is changing. 
I am ready for my next hypnotherapy session, which immediately follows our interview.
Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.

Dyanne @ Cell: 805-717-9316

Email: Dyannevdk@gmail.com

You can reach Dr. Bunny @ 805-482-8111

Email: Bunny@BunnyVreeland.com

You can order the 6 session, “Lose Weight And Keep It Off” CD Set that Dyanne is using @ https://bunnyvreeland.org/store/




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