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SNAP! Unhypnotizing Hypnotherapy! Who was Dave Elman? Cheryl Elman, guest.

Cheryl Elman, CH, CMT

Cheryl Elman joins Dr. Bunny at the HypnoThoughts Live 2018 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, to discuss hypnotherapy, and one of the great hypnotists of the 20th century: Dave Elman. Cheryl is the daughter-in-law of Dave Elman, and the President of the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute.

Tune in and learn what made Dave Elman’s hypnosis method unique, how you can learn hypnosis through the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute, and so much more! A truly fascinating interview!

Who was Dave Elman?
When people talk about great hypnotists of the 20th century, two names come to mind. Milton Erickson… and Dave Elman.   They have equal stature.

This is surprising because Erickson published dozens of books and papers on hypnosis and was actively promoted by his followers who wrote dozens of books about Erickson, but Elman published only one book, “Findings in Hypnosis” (later published as “Hypnotherapy”). Why is Dave Elman held in such high esteem? His induction is that good!

Erickson’s inductions could take a very long time, but Elman would place a subject into deep trance in less than a minute!

Elman published only one book, but that ONE book had such an impact that many consider Elman to be the greatest hypnotist of all time.

About Dave Elman (source: Wikipedia):
In 1949, Elman decided to pursue teaching hypnosis to doctors and dentists. From 1949 through 1962, he traveled extensively throughout America teaching his training course in hypnosis as a series of lessons called “Medical Relaxation”, which he published as audio recordings. He also recorded a series of recordings entitled “Hypno-Analysis” which were actual sessions in hypnosis that he referenced for his course. In 1963, after a long illness, he decided to write his findings on the subject. It was a 336-page book which he dictated to his wife, Pauline, a stenographer, and then gave to his son Robert Elman, an author and editor, to edit. He copyrighted and self-published the book in 1964 under the title Findings in Hypnosis.

About the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute:
The Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute has been resurrected in the spirit of DAVE ELMAN who in 1949 demonstrated his rapid induction methods and knowledge of pain control to doctor friends.  As a result, he was asked to provide a course on hypnosis to physicians and dentists.  His students often researched further medical applications and reported these back to Dave to be included in his next course..  His courses on hypnosis taught more physicians this subject than any other teacher before or since.  The audio recording of the classes and his book HYPNOTHERAPY are regarded as classics in the field of Medical Hypnosis

About Cheryl Elman:
Cheryl J. Elman is the president and marketing force behind DEHI with the mission of having Larry share his first hand experience of Dave Elman as a father, a man and his careers in Hypnosis training, radio and Vaudeville.
Cheryl has spent over 30 years teaching in Art, HS Special Ed, and business.  She taught High School Special Ed, plus tutored and supervised tutoring programs in the schools for Sylvan Ace It! Tutoring Programs.     She worked as a Vice President, Trainer and Manager of two companies in NYC for 14 years.   Whether she is being client centered in her therapy, or student centered in her training, she brings humor, energy and creativity to the situation.

Her experience includes:
▪ Certified Consulting Hypnotist  with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)
▪ Certified Hypnotist with International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT)
▪ Certified Master Trainer of Hypnosis with IACT
▪ B.S. in Varying Exceptionalities and Elementary Ed – Syracuse University
▪ A.A. in Liberal Arts from Rockland Community College
▪ 30 years Sales and Marketing – NYC, Florida & North Carolina
▪ Essay & Oratory Committee Chairperson – Optimist Club
▪ Member of Henderson Optimist Club Board of Directors
▪ Henderson Vance Chamber of Commerce Ambassador
▪ Over 14 years encouraging expression & creativity through the Visual Arts

Contact Cheryl Elman at (252) 432-2205
Also visit: https://www.daveelmanhypnosisinstitute.com

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail: Bunny@BunnyVreeland.com
Also visit: https://bunnyvreeland.org/ https://vreelandcollege.org/ https://upgradeyourlifewithdrbunny.com https://communicatewithanyone.wordpress.com/

LifeRhythms Radio: Episode 15 – Shifting and Affirmations – Featured Guests: Glenn and Dagmar Bryant

Glenn Bryant, English Psychic Medium and Dagmar Bryant, Australian Psychic Reader, Medium, Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Practitioner

Welcome to Episode 15 of LifeRhythms Radio!

In this episode, Robert interviews Glenn and Dagmar Bryant, discussing the topic “Shifting and Affirmations” – a conversation that many of you will deeply resonate with.

This is the first ‘double guest-spot’ on LifeRhythms Radio. Glenn is a English Psychic Medium and Dagmar is an Australian Psychic Reader, Medium, Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Practitioner! With transparency, authenticity, wisdom and insight, Glenn and Dagmar dig deep and illustrate the power of shifting ones circumstances and utilizing the power of affirmations. Both also talk about their experiences with clients and their own individual lives. Shifting may not be easy at times, however taking personal responsibility and creating goals can help create a direction that can ultimately change your life for the better. Instead of taking a magic pill, you will see that a mirror is much more powerful than a crystal ball. You will be delighted as you hear the warmth and heartfelt wisdom that this amazing couple will share in this empowering interview.

Also in this episode, you will hear the couples song selection from Evlov’s unreleased library titled “Answers”, as well as their inspiration for choosing it. Please be in touch with Glenn and Dagmar after listening to their interview and tell them that you heard them on LifeRhythms Radio. They both have an exclusive offering that they are offering to LifeRhythms Radio listeners and you will be very happy that you have reached out to them!


About Glenn Bryant:

Glenn Bryant is an English Psychic Medium. His skills incorporate mediumship, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairolfactrience and clairgustance, as well as psychometry and other inspirational sensitivities.

Glenn has worked on the theatre and Spiritualist church circuit in England for many years and regularly demonstrate mediumship to large audiences at expositions as well as at private and public functions. He also provides Reiki, private one to one readings, psychic/mediumship development workshops, and offer TV and radio shows, media work, interviews and investigations.

After discovering his psychic abilities early in life, Glenn disregarded them as he got with things. In his 20s, he began learning meditation techniques before the sensitivities came flooding back. Glenn studied them with a passion and desire for answers.

Glenn was being made redundant from a promising banking career when the universe offered him a new lifestyle. He had learned to trust his gut instinct by now, and was thrilled with the opportunity to work in an industry where he could bring true healing. This was because he met his Australian wife to be at the Arthur Findlay College in England, and moved to Australia in 2012. They decided that he would move to Australia and utilize his psychic skills for a new career.

Glenn’s sensitivities, as well as his skills developed to the point where he was appearing regularly on TV and radio, and helps many private clients. In 2017, the chance came to move to the USA where he and his wife could run a business together, promoting alternative and traditional wellbeing practitioners, to bring healing on a bigger scale.

Glenn has studied at many places including:

  • The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, London
  • The Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England
  • The College of Psychic Studies, London

He has been working professionally for many years and have demonstrated across the UK, mainland Europe, Australia, India, Egypt, New Zealand and the USA. Glenn has appeared on live, national TV in Australia several times, hosted his own radio show alongside his wife, Dagmar, also a psychic medium, and have been published in The Wellbeing Press.

Glenn aims to provide proof of the continuous existence of the human spirit and provide guidance for this life psychically and from our loved ones that have passed on.

He also uses his psychic skills to provide guidance on day to day issues e.g. relationships/work/career or Spirit Guide readings.

For more information about Glenn, visit the links below:

Phone Number: (562) 242-8054
Email Address: info@glennbryantmedium.com
Web Address: www.glennbryantmedium.com
Facebook: @GlennBryantMedium


About Dagmar Bryant:

Dagmar is an Australian Psychic Reader and Medium as well as a qualified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression practitioner. She also owns a business, Wholebeing Wellbeing LLC, with her husband Glenn, where they run events in the wellness industry, bringing together practitioners and retailers in the traditional and alternative healing industries.

She recently moved to La Habra, CA, (in December 2017) having previously lived in Melbourne, Australia.

She has worked on live TV and radio shows, and regularly appears at expos and festivals around the world, doing one to one readings and demonstrations of mediumship with her husband Glenn. She has worked across the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

She has written for My Wellbeing Magazine, an online magazine promoting wellbeing on all levels, mind, body and spirit.

When working on a psychic level, she works intuitively with her guides to help provide clients with guidance and clarity. Many people just want to know where life is going, what is happening in the future? Are they on track? When connecting with your loved ones in the spirit world, I provide evidence of their ongoing presence around you and any messages they may have for you.

“My overall philosophy is providing healing and wellbeing so that you, the client, are able to make empowering decisions for yourself.”

She has been reading professionally for clients for more than 15 years, but has had this gift since a very young age. She has studied in England at the Arthur Findlay College.

In addition to doing readings, she also is a Transformational Medium, helping clients to look at their life and where they are going. These sessions are coaching sessions, usually booked in blocks of 4 or 8 sessions, which identify obstacles, fears and other hindrances on why clients aren’t getting to where they want to be. We then want to clear those blocks and help you move onto the path that you are meant to be on.

She is an Inspirational Speaker and is passionate about helping women find their true selves and find their happiness.

She speaks about:

Body Image and the Weight Loss Merry-Go-Round: Eight Tips to a Healthier Perspective;

My Way or the Highway: A journey of discovery of self;

Soul Contracts: How to understand life lessons and your life purpose.

She runs also runs classes in Psychic and Mediumship Development, Creating Your Own Mandala, Tarot, Creating Your Reality and Meditation groups.

She is available for private and group readings, tarot parties and corporate events.

Her qualifications are:

  • Certified and Registered Hypnotherapist with the American Board of Hypnotherapy
  • Past Life Regression Practitioner from the Newton Institute
  • Diploma in Health Counselling
  • Master of Metaphysical Science
  • Reiki Master

Her previous occupation was as an Executive Assistant and she studied law.

For more information about Dagmar, visit the links below:

Phone Number: (562)242-8401
Email Address: info@dagmarbryantpsychicmedium.com
Web Address: www.dagmarbryantpsychicmedium.com
Social Media Links: Facebook: @dagmarbryant12; Instagram: dagmar_bryant


For more information about Robert Alexander, visit the links below:

Phone: 805-699-5298
Email: liferhythmscreativestudio@gmail.com
LifeRhythms (Customized Music & Private Sessions): liferhythms.us
Evlov Music: Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Mixcloud

Graphic Design: liferhythms.us/portfolio
Facebook (Personal): facebook.com/inliferhythm
Facebook (Professional): https://www.facebook.com/yourliferhythm/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/liferhythms/
Instagram: @inliferhythm
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/YourLifeRhythm

For more information about LifeRhythms Radio, please contact Robert Alexander directly at liferhythmsradioshow@gmail.com.

Also visit: www.liferhythms.us, or call Robert directly at 805-699-5298.

Ask Dr. Bunny. Starting another career in your 70’s? Hazel Palache, guest.

Hazel Palache

Hazel Palache

Hazel Palache, Hypnotherapist and Certified Results Coach, joins Dr. Bunny to share her story of how and why she started another business in her 70’s! Hazel is a true example of inspiration!

About Hazel Palache:
I’m a woman entrepreneur, 74 years old, going on 30, with a great sense of humor and, 25 years experience in the field of personal, spiritual and professional development.  I’m a certified master clinical hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, stress management counselor and a certified coach.  I’m also a Mom, Sister and Friend.  I know your time is valuable and although I don’t want to give you a long winded bio,  it wouldn’t be fair to you if I didn’t share something about who I am:

I was born into a very traditional family in London, UK during world war two.  My Father was a compulsive gambler and rage-aholic and my Mother was a battered wife. I had a sister 3 years younger and as children we lived lives of fear and negativity and we certainly didn’t disobey our parents.   As girls we were expected to get married and procreate, so college wasn’t even an option for either of us.   At 19 I got married, had two children and my name became wife and mother!
My husband and I with our two children moved to the US in 1979.  At that time I was 37.  After living here for six years I was beginning to discover things about myself that had been lying dormant for all those years. One of the things I realized was that I didn’t say ‘Yes’ to myself only to other people and, the word No wasn’t part of my vocabulary.   At the age of 42 having been married for 25 years I filed for divorce.

I Discovered My Own Strength

It’s amazing what you can do when you are highly motivated.  That was the scariest thing I had ever done but it led me to finding strengths I didn’t know I had.

I discovered I was an entrepreneur at heart.    I was very fascinated with how the mind actually works.   With my earlier training in psychology,  I went to school at night and after a year of training, in 1990 I received my certification as a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist.    Whether they were in the entertainment industry or not, or they couldn’t maintain healthy relationships, were in pain because of their childhood, their marriage was having a problem or because they wanted to change a behavior, I had the honor of helping many dozens of people to overcome fears, doubts, negative mind chatter and much more.   My practice was successful, I loved my clients and every day was a blessing.

Life sometimes gets in the way!  In 1991 a driver jumped a red light and my car was totaled.  Although I didn’t know it at the time, that accident was going to impact my health in different ways for the rest of my life!   I was left with 3 herniated cervical discs that created terrible daily migraine headaches. In 1994 I was diagnosed with Fybromialgia.   I gradually realized that working in my practice was not going to be possible for my health, plus I wouldn’t be doing clients any favors if I couldn’t concentrate fully on their needs.  I wanted to stay in the personal development field but had to find another avenue.
In 1996 coaching was barely in existence but, after doing some research I knew that if I got certified as a coach I could work with clients by phone, which was an answer to my prayers.  This would also allow me to help women nationally and internationally.   In 1997 I received my coaching certification and while I was closing my private practice I started working with coaching clients on the phone.  I was re-inventing myself again by allowing an old door to close! I opened a new one and found the key to continuing to do what I loved.

Contact Hazel Palache at (818) 981-9885 or E-mail: Hazel@yourstairwaytowealth.com
Also visit: https://Yourstairwaytowealth.com
Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail: Bunny@BunnyVreeland.com
Also visit:  https://bunnyvreeland.org/ https://vreelandcollege.org/

Ask Dr. Bunny. What is a healer? Padman Pillai, Guest

Padman Pillai and Dr. Bunny

Padman Pillai and Dr. Bunny

Padman Pillai, M.Sc, A.R.I.Cl, R.HT., joins Dr. Bunny to discuss being a healer and how he has helped people.  A wonderful interview!

Board certified clinical hypnotherapist, Padman Pillai is a former pharmaceutical marketing executive & research scientist. Padman earned a Master of Science degree in Analytical Chemistry at the University of London and was elected to the Associate membership of the Royal Institute of Chemistry, U.K. He subsequently worked as a research scientist for the British non-ferrous metals’ research association in U.K.  He is a member of the following professional bodies and currently the managing director of Wellness Hypnotherapy Clinic Inc.

Padman’s Qualifications:
•    Director, Founder and Principal of WELLNESS HYPNOTHERAPY INSTITUTE, which is approved as a Vocational School by Canada Revenue Agency and certified by the Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development , Canada as an Educational Institution.

Wellness Hypnotherapy Institute is accredited by:
1.    Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists, Canada (ARCH Canada)
2.    International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA), USA
3.    International Hypnosis Federation (IHF) , USA
Director of Wellness Hypnotherapy Clinic Inc. in Edmonton.
Padman has attended Dr. Brian Weiss’s Past life Therapy Course (five full days). This is another area of special interest for Padman. By using this modality, Padman’s clients have experienced significant results.

Padman is a Member of the following Professional Hypnotherapy organizations:
•    Member, Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists, Canada (ARCH Canada).
•    Member, International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA), USA.
•    Fellow of International Hypnosis Federation (IHF), USA.
•    Member, The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standatrds.

Padman is also a certified Emotional Freedom Technique specialist. He was able to help many clients loose excess body weight, cure their craving for smoking and dissolve their fears and phobias. He has also provided clients with special treatments for pain relief, top- notch athletic performance, insomnia, frigidity, impotency, painless child birth and unexplained infertility. He was able to mentor students and make them achieve top scores in their examinations. Past life regression is another area of special interest for Padman.

Padman has conducted many workshops on motivation, business & spirituality which were well acclaimed by those who attended them. He is currently an instructor for continuing education courses for the Edmonton Public School Board and in service programs for NAIT. Although, clinical hypnotherapy is his primary interest he is also a professional key note speaker and comedy stage hypnotist.

Contact Padman Pillai Toll-Free at (866) 328-1990 or Email: padmanpillai@gmail.com
Also visit: https://www.edmontonhypnotherapy.com

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail: Bunny@BunnyVreeland.com

Ask Dr. Bunny. Healing powers of music? Peter Blum, Guest.

Peter Blum and Dr. Bunny

Peter Blum and Dr. Bunny

Peter Blum, Hypnotherapist and Musician, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss hypnotherapy and the healing powers of music.  A truly uplifting interview!

Peter lives in Woodstock, New York, where he maintains a private practice in neo-Ericksonian hypnosis, and shamanic sound healing. As a Certified Instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) since 1993, he has trained and certified hundreds in the art of hypnosis. In 2004, Peter was named Certified Instructor of the Year by the NGH, the largest professional organization of its type in the world.

After completing extensive study of the world’s major spiritual traditions, Peter was ordained as an Interfaith Minister in the seminary program of the Foundation for the Living Earth in 1995. He considers the practice of hypnotherapy to be a spiritual art form.

Known for his humorous and engaging presentation skills, he has been a popular lecturer, trainer, and seminar leader for the NGH, International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association (IMDHA), The International Hypnosis Federation (IHF), as well as offering numerous programs for schools, prisons, hospitals, mental health and substance abuse counselors, and personal growth programs. In 2002, the IHF honored Peter with the Award of Excellence in Integrative Therapies.
Influences & Teachers

The son of an operatic baritone, Peter has had a life-long love affair with music, and has been involved in the study and practice of sound-healing since the mid 70’s. Since 1999, he has released 6 CD’s in the Sounds for Healing series, mostly featuring the extraordinary sounds of the Himalayan Singing Bowls – either played solo, or in concert with other trance-inducing instruments (including spoken healing meditations).

He is grateful to all his teachers and mentors in hypnosis: Richard A. Zarro (with whom he co-authored The Phone Book: How to Use NLP on the Telephone); Dr. Paul Carter, Steve Goldstein and Annie Linden of the NY Training Institute; Dr. Ernest Rossi, and currently Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona (with whom he also studies Coyote Medicine).

Music and sound healing teachers include Dr. Karl Berger, Ustad Jamaluddin Bhartiya, Pauline Oliveros, Fabian Mamman, Jill Purse, David Hykes, Professor Odserin, and Native American shaman Beautiful Painted Arrow (Joseph Rael).

Contact Peter Blum at (845) 247-8839 or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/peter.blum1

Also visit: https://www.soundsforhealing.com/

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail: Bunny@BunnyVreeland.com

Dr. Bunny

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