Computer expert Kier Shapiro joins Dr. Bunny to discuss all things computers.  Kier explains malware, viruses, fishing and scams – and how they can be avoided.  You’ll also find out how Dr. Bunny met Kier, and hear how Kier saved the day!

Tune in and learn how Kier got started in computers, how he got certified in certain software, and became an independent computer expert in 2000.

Whether it’s a computer, tablet or cell phone, technology is essential to our daily life, and this is an interview you don’t want to miss!

About Kier Shapiro & Kier Associates:

Kier Associates (formerly Kier Shapiro Consulting) was founded by Kier Shapiro in 1996 while he was employed by New Horizons Computer Learning Center.  At the time Kier was the training supervisor and a technical trainer himself. Frequently during the course of presenting classes, he was asked if he could perform consulting services and customized training outside of the offerings of New Horizons. Recognizing this need, he formed the consulting service and left New Horizons a year later.

In 1997 he was contracted by XO Communications (formerly NEXTLINK Communications) to design, install, train, and support a nationwide 600-user Sales Force Automation system built around ACT! and was subsequently hired. He primarily focused on his responsibility to XO Communications while still working part-time in the consulting capacity at Kier Associates. Kier stayed with XO Communications through spring of 2000 at which time he completed orchestrating the replacement of his SFA system with the next generation of Customer Relations Management applications, Siebel Systems.

Since spring of 2000, Kier has been focusing specifically on consulting services in the areas of custom ACT! installation and development, computer networking, computer system upgrade and support, and software training. As with all people in the computer industry, Kier has been keeping current on the latest cutting edge technologies and certifications.

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