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Ask Dr. Bunny. What would you like your legacy to be? Libby Pierce, Guest

Charles and Libby Pierce

Charles and Libby Pierce

Libby Pierce, 92 years young, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss what she’d like her legacy to be, and the beautiful stories of her life. Listen in as Libby shares about the first day she met her late husband, Charles, which she says was the best day of her life. Forever an optimist, Libby is a delight to talk with. This is a wonderful interview that will leave you with love in your heart.

Please also check out the book “The Art Of Survival”, which was written about Libby’s late husband, Charles Pierce, who was a concentration camp survivor.

About “The Art Of Survival”:

The Art of Survival is one of the most intriguing books of the decade and one you will not only want to read but will want those you care about to read.

The Art of Survival is the TRUE story of Charles Pierce who spent six horrifying years as a slave of the Nazis during the wars years (1939-1945). You will feel his fears and his daring, facing death and torture day after day as he is shifted from ghettos to work camps to death camps. Along your way, you will experience his pain and determination to survive, constant hunger, the freezing conditions of Polish winters, beatings and hard labor. Near the war’s ending you will feel a lump swelling in your throat when the American’s arrive to rescue this man and others only days before the collapse of Hitler’s reign. But this is NOT the ending of the story. In ways, it is merely the beginning: The second half of the book unfolds in America where Charles finds the true love of his life. And so, if you like true adventure and triumphant love stories you simply will not want to miss this great read.

Also visit The Survival Station website: https://www.thesurvivalstation.com where you can purchase The Art Of Survival,  and many other great books!

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Ask Dr. Bunny. Secrets to a long, inspired life? Special Guest Libby Pierce.

Dr. Bunny and Libby Pierce

Dr. Bunny and Libby Pierce

Dr. Bunny talks with the inspiring, 90 year young, Libby Pierce, about her amazing life experiences – and how she stays so inspired.  Please join us for a very special interview!

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