The Honorable Steve Hintz joins Dr. Bunny to discuss losing his home in the Thomas Fire in December of 2017, as well as being the tax collector in Ventura County, and helping those who lost their homes in the Thomas Fire get tax relief.

The Thomas Fire, which at the time was California’s largest wildfire, raged through Ventura and Santa Barbara counties in December of 2017.  It burned nearly 300,000 acres before being contained fully on January 12, 2018.

Losing your home in a fire is devastating, and trying to find a temporary place to live when hundreds of other people in town had also lost their home, is incredibly challenging. This was just one of the overwhelming tasks that Steve and his wife were faced with due to the fact that over 500 homes in Ventura alone had burned to the ground.

We’ll learn first hand what Steve would’ve taken, if he had had enough time, and the one thing he is most grateful that was saved (hint: she shares his last name :-).

He also shares how he & his wife have coped with the multitude of things that have been involved in rebuilding their lives, and how laughter has played a role.

Tune in for a very informative and amazingly uplifting interview.  And by the way, you’ll hear for yourself what a great man our Ventura County Tax Collector is! 

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