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Ask Dr. Bunny. How did you raise your gay son? Lulu Bravo, guest.

download-1Lulu Bravo, Legal Overflow & Translation Expert at DaviLu Enterprises, joins Dr. Bunny to explain how she knew her son was gay when she was pregnant.  Join Dr. Bunny as she learns about this very interesting topic, and so much more!

Lulu Bravo tells the story of how, when she was pregnant, her ‘witchy – poo thing’ instincts let her know, that she  was going to have a son and he would be gay. Lulu always loved her son but was scared and concerned and she feared society’s response.  In this interview, she talks about some of the ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ of raising Leo, which includes the time when he was 13 and considering suicide, when he ’came out’ and her humorous response; “As long as you don’t wear my high-heels, I am good with it.”

She is proud of the many successes that Leo has  accomplished, for others as well as himself. When he was a teen, Leo organized the first ‘Gay Rights’ group in his high school with the help with the  Rainbow Alliance.

Lulu raised her son to be a ‘decent and good’ human being and she is proud of the person he has always been and is, today.  Prepare to be inspired by a mother’s love!

If you, or someone you know, needs resources for the LGBT community in Ventura County, check the Diversity Collective website at : https://www.diversitycollectivevc.org/

The Diversity Collective is the proud parent organization of Ventura County Pride, AIDS Walk Ventura, and Diversity Gala. It is their mission to advocate for diversity, education, mental and physical health via community outreach to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender population, as well as the general public.

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Your Alternative Health Connection. Utilizing Chiropractic To Its Fullest. Lulu Bravo, Guest

Dr. Dave Lemons

Dr. David Lemons

Dr. David Lemons goes more into depth about how to utilize Chiropractic to its fullest and achieve longevity.  Special guest, Lulu Bravo, joins Dr. Lemons to share her personal story of how she found Chiropractic, and what her experience has been.  A very informative show you don’t want to miss!

Dr. David Lemons is a Chiropractor, and the owner of the Chiropractic Wellness Center, in Oxnard, CA.

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Chiropractic Wellness Center is located at 750 W. Gonzales Rd, Oxnard, CA 93036

Ask Dr. Bunny. A Legal Overflow and Translation Expert?

Lulu Bravo

Lulu Bravo

What is a Legal Overflow and Translation Expert?

Join Dr. Bunny as she learns about this very interesting topic, and so much more!  Lulu Bravo, Legal Overflow & Translation Expert at DaviLu Enterprises, explains the details of her career and shares the fascinating story of how she turned her health around with holistic therapies.

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