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Ask Dr. Bunny. Sex? Nahed Stefany, guest

Nahed Stefany

Marriage, Family and Sex therapist, Nahed Stefany, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss how important the sex conversation is during couples therapy, and so much more.

Nahed has not always been a therapist – she started out with an engineering degree!  Learn how (and why!) she went from being an engineer to becoming a therapist – and her fascinating journey from Syria, to Mexico, to the United States.

In her therapist practice, Nahed found that working with couples without talking about sex left a big hole in the therapy conversation. She explains how she helps couples be comfortable talking about sex, and that it gives her a lot of information about how her client’s attachment was to their family of origin, and so much more. Sex is a very sacred relationship we have with our partners and an important part of the conversation.

Tune in for a fascinating interview with an incredibly amazing woman!

About Nahed Stefany:

A resident of California for the past 11 years, I was born and raised in the Middle East. I obtained my masters degree with honors in Marriage and Family Therapy from California State University, Northridge.
I am an adjunct professor at California Lutheran University. My Specialty is Cultural Diversity. I also teach various courses in the Psychology Department. My passion is to teach young people about different culture and help them develop tolerance and understanding to each other’s beliefs and traditions. I hope to contribute to the end of human violence and suffering. I believe that if I educate 10 people every day and set a good example as a human being, it will teach people around me who I am and spread awareness through my local community and into the next generation.

I have worked with victims and perpetrators of sexual assault and domestic violence.  I have provided grief counseling for children, adolescence and adults and am also available to help adopted children and their adoptive parents with attachment issues. I specialize in intercultural marriages and am dedicated to help the Middle Eastern community with the conflict they face with acculturation issues and teen cultural conflicts between their parent’s culture and growing up in the United States.

Because I am an immigrant myself, I am passionate about working with immigrant families and their children.

I am fluent in English, Arabic and Spanish.
Nahed Sammani Stefany, LMFT
Masters of Science-  Marriage and Family Therapy.
License # MFC47679
360 Mobil Avenue, Suite 218E
Camarillo, CA 93010

Contact Nahed Stefany at (805) 407-5069 or e-mail: nahedss@sbcglobal.net
Also visit: https://www.mytherapistnahed.com

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Worth Saving! Your Marriage, Part 3. Tom Prinz, Guest

Carla Hartley, Esq.

Carla Hartley, Esq.

Tom Prinz, Marriage and Family therapist, joins Carla Hartley, Esq., for a continued discussion on marriage – and why your marriage is Worth Saving!

Ms. Hartley is an Attorney at the law firm Hartley, Maxwell and Castellano, in Ventura, CA.

Contact Carla Hartley at www.my-family-law.com

Ask Dr. Bunny. A woman’s insight to a long, happy marriage? Guest, Vickie Foran

Vicky ForanVickie Foran joins Dr. Bunny to discuss, from a woman’s perspective, what are the secrets to a long, happy marriage.

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Ask Dr. Bunny. Can a picnic basket save a marriage? Guest, John Baillie

John Baillie and Dr. Bunny

John Baillie and Dr. Bunny

John Baillie joins Dr. Bunny to give insight on what a picnic basket has to do with a long and happy marriage.  A great interview you don’t want to miss!

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