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Coastal Skin Care – Massage Services!

Did you know that Coastal Skin Care Day Spa offers a wide array of wonderful massage services?  Tune in and meet Donna, one of the Massage Therapists at Coastal Skin Care Day Spa, who is ready to pamper you!

Regular massage can make valuable contributions to building overall health. Massage improves body tone and circulation, relieves stress and strain, strengthens the immune system, and promotes both physical and psychological well being.  

Here are the delightful massages offered at Coastal Skin Care Day Spa:


A blend of Swedish and Circulatory massage strokes that promote relaxation. This massage enhances circulation, induces relaxation and calms sore muscles to melt away stress.


An ancient healing art using a blend of essential oils combined with a gentle, effective massage. Experience our specialized aromatherapy oils to enhance energy, relaxation, purification, muscle relief or body tone.

Coastal Custom Massage:

Because your body can change on a daily basis, our massages can be customized to your specific needs by our staff of highly trained massage therapists. Elements of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Cranial Sacral or Hot Stone Therapy may be individualized for your needs.

Deep Tissue/Sports:

A focused, intensive, massage experience. You and your therapist will work together to identify areas of tension in your body needing additional care and attention. If your lifestyle is active or highly-stressed, this is for you.

Mother To Be:

This specialized massage addresses the unique needs of pregnancy. We’ll settle you into a safe, secure and restful position then carefully ease away those aches and pains. Available during the second and third trimesters.

Hot Stone:

This massage combines the experiences of healing human touch and hot stone therapy to center the mind and body as heat from the stones penetrates deep into the muscles to produce a state of relaxation like no other.

CBD Oil Infused Massage:

Cannabidiol or CBD is derived from the stalk and seed of the cannabis plant. It is a natural botanical concentrate that is high in CBD.  We use a pure non-GMO hemp oil, unmodified and sourced straight from the hemp plant. It is extracted from hemp cultivated free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides in the foothills of Northern Europe. An excellent source of cannabidiol (CBD) without the psychoactive effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil, delivers a calming and anti-inflammatory effect when applied to the skin.  It has long been known that, Cannabinoid/CBD Oil has the ability to reduce inflammation, relieve anxiety, suppress muscle spasms, & promote healthier skin.

About Coastal Skin Care~

Located at 428 Poli Street, #2C, Ventura, 93001, (across from City Hall)). Call us at (805) 641-2345. Visit our website at www.coastalskincare.net

Coastal Skin Care is located in the heart of the downtown district of Ventura, California! When you visit us , we will expertly help you enjoy a healthy escape from the demands of today’s hectic pace.

We offer wonderful facials, relaxing therapeutic massages, slimming body treatments, expert makeup, and Billion Dollar Brow Design. *Not including Ojai Valley Inn & Spa.

Let our experienced staff create a healthy escape from the demands of today’s hectic pace. Our medically advanced facials and our professionally trained aestheticians and massage therapists are here to help you to achieve and maintain healthy, radiant and youthful looking skin.

Our permanent make-up artist, and lash extension specialist are here to recommend treatments and products best suited for you to achieve and maintain health, radiance and beauty.

Most important is our firm belief that customer service and continuous improvement in technique and cutting edge modalities are paramount in achieving customer satisfaction and truly, the whole reason we exist.

Whether for an hour, or several hours, spending time at Coastal Skin Care Day Spa will offer you tranquility, rejuvenation………and amazing results!!

Contact Coastal Skin Care at:

428 Poli St # 2C, Ventura, CA 93001
(805) 641-2345
E-mail: info@coastalskincare.net

Ask Dr. Bunny. Massage therapy in Mendocino? Tennee Gay, guest.

Massage Therapist extraordinaire Tennee Gay joins Dr. Bunny and her husband, Greg, in Mendocino, California, to discuss the fine art of massage therapy and holistic living. Tennee and her husband, Surya, are a wonderful husband and wife massage duo who work together in Mendocino.  Their business, Radiant Reality, is “rooted in nutrition and holistic wellness”.

Tune in and learn more in this very special and informative interview!

About Tennee Gay:

I am a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and a Ayurvedic Health Practitioner. I have spent the past 17 years working with others in the realm of health and healing and am currently focused on using the tools of holistic nutrition, FDN and Ayurveda to support those that are interested in troubleshooting health imbalances in order to optimize their health and live a vibrant existence! My own life experiences have taught me that health and happiness go hand in hand. In order to advance to a higher level of productivity in life its important to put in place a supportive framework to help you thrive and stay on track. I draw from a framework that utilizes healing foods, lifestyle modifications, herbs and supportive tools to help you eliminate hidden stressors and restore the brilliance that is you!

About Surya Anderson:

My journey on the healing path began unintentionally when I was in my early 20s. As a young man full of health and vigor, I had decided to travel to India and Nepal to backpack and study the origins of Vipassana meditation. During my time sitting vipassana, I sustained a crippling low back injury that turned my health upside down. This injury, coupled with dysentary left me physically broken. Soon after, I found myself in a state of chronic pain, and thus began the quest to regain my health.

Throughout the next month while traveling through central Europe I saw a number of physicians and received a CT scan. The results showed a partial herniation of the L4-L5 disc. The doctor, with whom I received this diagnosis, recommended that if I lay down for couple of weeks on the floor icing my back I would see signs of improvement. This of course was not the case. Eventually I made my way back to the states and I was referred to my fathers chiropractor. Dr. Khalsa wore a white turban, a long beard and had an exotic practise he called Kundalini yoga. He sent me home with a handful of core strengthening exercises and psoas releasing stretches and so began my study of yoga. This introduction into yoga took another 10 years to solidify and make its way fully into my life. However, I am now a certified yoga instructor through the “Yoga Alliance certified school of Yoga for All” and I am committed to sharing and providing resources to help others reclaim their own health and vitality.

Contact Tennee Gay at (707) 972-5893  Contact Surya Anderson at (707) 972-8347

Advanced Spine And Sport: Medical And Therapeutic Massage – Holiday Stress, Chronic Pain, Sports Injuries Be Gone! – December Special! – Hour Massage – Only $40!

massage2In this timely new show, Dr. Baranski explains all about massage… And it is more than you think!  Read on!

Advanced Spine And Sport excels in an advanced massage treatment!  This treatment targets specific problems such as sports injuries and many other medical conditions.

Advanced Spine And Sport Experts work together combining Massage, Medical, Physical Therapy, and Chiropractic to provide the best treatment plan and outcome.

Dr. Baranski suggests that you start with Swedish and Deep Tissue massage as a general treatment and then move on to Medical, if needed.

Of course, if you just want a relaxing stress-relief massage for your busy month of December – that is fine too!  To find out more read the excerpt below from Dr. Baranski’s website for Advanced Spine And Sport.

Medical Massage or Orthopedic Massage

Medical and orthopedic massage is designed to produce immediate, and long-term, results for people with specific injuries, symptoms, or any type of myofascial restrictions.
These forms of massage often provide immediate and long-term relief from pain, and both help promote full body alignment and healing.

Medical and orthopedic massages can successfully treat a variety of medical conditions including:

  • Tight and sore muscles that can lead to poor blood flow, improper alignment and pain
  • Limited or poor range of motion throughout the body
  • Poor posture and lack of balance and coordination
  • Stress and other nervous system ailments
  • Muscle knots (Myofascial trigger-points) and pain
  • Nerve compression and muscle spasms
  • Digestive issues

These issues and others can all be addressed through medical or orthopedic massage treatment.

Because medical and orthopedic massage are designed to identify and treat medical issues, these treatments require a doctor’s prescription. Advanced Spine & Sport Chiropractic accepts medical referrals from other doctors, but our own doctors can authorize medical and orthopedic massages if we determine that treatment can improve your health.

Medical and Orthopedic Massage Facts:

  • Injuries and surgeries, whether minor or acute, can impact one’s quality of life; medical and orthopedic massage can address those impacts through cost-effective, drug and surgery-free, and non-invasive treatment.
  • In many cases, medical and orthopedic massage serves as a preventative health solution allowing for long-term health, flexibility, and vitality.
  • Medical and orthopedic massage is a treatment that promotes full-body health and wellness.
  • You can use your health savings account (HSA) or health reimbursement account (HRA) for medical and orthopedic massage, and some insurances cover medical and orthopedic massage treatment.

About Advanced Spine and Sport:  Dr. Baranski’s office is the first of its kind in Ventura County to bring a special blend of integrated medicine – including an M.D., chiropractors, physical therapy, massage therapy, and medical weight loss, all in one location.  Their holistic medical team strives to educate and provide their patients with the most advanced forms of non-surgical therapies possible.

About Dr. James Baranski:
  James Baranski, D.C., an avid sports enthusiast, enjoys basketball, golf, and working out. He understands that with activities comes injuries, and how treating these injuries as quickly and successfully as possible is crucial – whether it be for an elite athlete or for the weekend warrior.

Dr. Baranski graduated in December 1999 from Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles. He worked as an associate for three years in North Hollywood, CA, then worked for a prominent orthopedic medical group in Los Angeles, CA. There he directed patient care which included chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, pain management, surgical procedures, and pre- and post-operative rehabilitation.

Dr. Baranski specializes in sports injuries, personal injuries such as motor vehicle accidents and slip-n-falls, as well as work-related and repetitive stress injuries. He works with many of the top attorneys and MD’s in Ventura County, ensuring the most comprehensive care possible for the patients.

He has taken 100’s of hours of post-graduate classes on sports injuries and exercise therapy, as well as work injury laws and personal injury seminars. He also did personal training for 3 years, helping people reach their personal and fitness goals.

Contact Dr. James Baranski at Advanced Spine and Sport (805) 642-4061.  
Also visit: https://www.venturachiropractor.com/


Ask Dr. Bunny. Are you a caregiver? Christie Wolfe, guest

Christie Wolfe

Christie Wolfe

Massage Therapist Christie Wolfe, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss massage therapy and what it is like to be a caregiver. When she was 11 years old, Christie helped take care of her father, who had Parkinson’s disease, and it really shaped her life.  Listening to Christie’s interview, it is clear that she is caregiver and a natural at taking care of people.

Christie studied massage at the Kali Institute for Massage Somatic Therapies, in Ventura, CA.  Give her a call today to make an appointment for an amazing, therapeutic, relaxing massage!

Contact Christie Wolfe at (805) 815-8974 or E-mail: Christie.e.wolf@gmail.com

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail: Bunny@BunnyVreeland.com
Also visit:  https://bunnyvreeland.org/    https://vreelandcollege.org/

Ask Dr. Bunny. How can a Massage Therapist help with pain? Lindsay Shield, Guest

Dr. Bunny and Lindsay Shield

Dr. Bunny and Lindsay Shield

Lindsay Shield, Massage Therapist, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss massage from a clinical perspective, for treatment and healing.  Listen in and learn how massage therapy can help in so many ways.

Contact Lindsay Shield at (805) 558-0112 or e-mail: shield@performanceedgetcm.com

Also visit: www.performanceedgetcm.com

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail: bunny@bunnyvreeland.com

Also visit:

Dr. Bunny

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