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Q&A with CIPCUG Session 176

Lisa Toth   When Andy was trying to prepare my computer somehow he uninstalled Windows office 365.  When log into OneDrive, it says I need to associate a program with the file. I have no idea how to do this.

Fred Krueger   I have been trying to speed up my computer by cleaning out things I do not use or need. Do you have any suggestions for me and anyone that might also be interested?

Common Question:  Do you know about . . .?

Lisa Toth   Is there an app to compare what is in One Drive with what is on my Seagate backup?

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Q&A with CIPCUG Session 173

Lisa Toth   I thought I had successfully transferred my documents to OneDrive but a lot of stuff did not go. Mostly in the documents file.  I don’t want or need everything but there is enough that it would take a long time to open each one and save it to the cloud.  I have an external drive and I am thinking I should put everything on that and then do it from there with the drive attached to my surface.

Lisa Toth   With my tablets, I would press the on off button just enough to turn off the screen. I’ve done this a few times with the surface and today it occurred to me that may not be good for it.. Any thoughts?

Lisa Toth   Office 365.  We have it.  When the Surface Pro 7 came, it came with office not 365.  Andy uninstalled it from my Toshiba so he could install it on my Surface.  This immediately meant I don’t have email etc.  Now we are wondering if we need to uninstall the office suite that is on the Surface before we install 365.

Lisa Toth   Many of my folders in the cloud appear to be empty and should not be.

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News Item:  Another company is dialing back expectations for self-driving taxis

Q&A with CIPCUG No. 61

Google Extensions

John Weigle   I’m finding myself surrounded with cables. What are your thoughts on wireless keyboards and mice for a cluttered condo?

Tony Pizza   At one of the meetings Toby suggested what download sites to use, and not use. I checked my notes, and they are inscrutable. Possibly CNET was ok? What about FossHub?

Roger Houston   Question #1 for Office 365. Will Office 365, Outlook be able to download and install my Contacts and Calendar from iCloud?  I am ready to consider buying Office 365 Home for syncing across platforms [without iCloud] and for the 1TB x 5 cloud it offers.

Roger Houston   Question #2: Are there any other reliable and easy to use solutions or apps, without breaking the bank?

Bill Hinds   How do I close a briefcase in Windows 10? The briefcases are left over from Windows XP.

Lisa Toth   What do you think about pushbullet?

News Item:   Eight Chrome Extensions Hijacked to Deliver Malicious Code to 4.8 Million Users

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