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Q&A Seesion 144

Fred Krueger   How is it that a person with an infected phone can come into an office and infect the all the computers in the office by logging into the office wifi?

Sandy Tsutsui-Trujillo   And how can they infect cars too?

Fred Krueger  I see that there are free phone numbers out there such as google voice or freedom pop. Is it possible to get a number from one of these on to an older phone that I have that is no longer on some carriers plan or network?

Lisa Toth   The club computer is using windows 7. It is hard for me to read the screen. I am wondering if there is a setting I could change to make the status bar bigger?

Lisa Toth   Several times I have asked questions that you said sounded like resource problems. What does that mean and how do I fix it?
Tony Pizza   Someone I know is using a wireless 3 and 1 printer as a copier, would like to print from his smart phone. He does not have a router and internet. Can a router be used without the internet to connect the two?

News Item:   As Apple’s iPhone business slows down, the company sought to get a right to repair bill in California pulled.

News Item:   AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile hit with lawsuit for selling location data


News Item:   Extensions on Firefox expired yesterday and  disabled all extensions.


Q&A with CIPCUG: Jes dives right in on hackers et al with Toby Scott


Toby Scott answering questions for CIPCUG

Welcome to Questions and Answers with CIPCUG.  The Channel Islands PC Users Group (CIPCUG) was founded on the principal of users helping users.  One of the sessions they hold at the CIPCUG, is the Q and A session.  Toby Scott, long time member has held the tradition of answering the questions PC users bring to the club meetings.  Typically there are so many which primarily revolve around internet and security that we’ve decided to start a podcast and open a group on Facebook for CIPCUG users to continue to submit questions.


His daughter, who makes the coffee for the group and has also hosted intermediate level user classes at the club  interviews Toby Scott on what the podcast is about and what to expect.  Enjoy the first installment of many with Q&A with CIPCUG!

Dr. Bunny

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