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Ask Dr. Bunny. A remembrance of Bernie Lehrer? Charles Williams, guest

Charles Williams

Charles Williams joins Dr. Bunny to discuss friendship, reconnecting, poetry, and a very special friend they had in common, Bernie Lehrer.

Bernie Lehrer introduced Dr. Bunny & Charles, many years ago, and they have great memories of Bernie, who passed away in 2009, at the age of 84.  Bernie was a man who gave so much of himself, without expecting anything in return, and touched many people’s lives.

Dr. Bunny and Charles reconnected recently when Dr. Bunny came across Charles’ manuscript, The Stranger Within, that he had written years ago & asked her to read.  And through the beauty of Facebook, they reconnected!

Charles has also written poetry, and read a couple of poems for us, that he wrote for Bernie.  They are very beautiful & will resonate with anyone who has faced family discord, or contemplated life.

Besides being a gifted writer, Charles has held many careers – he was a police officer, worked for a cosmetics company, and also sold Lexus cars!

Tune in for a very uplifting and special interview!

In remembrance of Bernie Lehrer, 1924-2009

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Ask Dr. Bunny. A bad event can be a gift in disguise? Julieanne Case, guest

Julieanne Case

Julieanne Case

Artist Julieanne Case, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss how a car accident was actually a gift in disguise.  Julieanne shares her very personal story about how a car accident helped her learn more about herself, and lead her to follow her heart.

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