The devastating recent Thomas Fire and Montecito mudslides have left us all with many questions. If you are someone who lost everything, how do you recover? If you did not lose everything, how do you prepare for the next disaster or emergency?

Jann Huling and Alma Vargas, from Service Master, join Dr. Bunny to discuss how to prepare for an emergency, and how to find help if you have been a victim of the recent disasters.

Jann and Alma give incredibly valuable tips on preparation and getting things organized for any potential disaster. This interview is loaded with info that you need to know!

You could be in a good place in your life right this minute, but a tragedy could come in 24 hours. Think about that for a minute – within 24 hours you could potentially be homeless. For most of us, that is very hard to imagine, but use that knowledge to prepare now.

Here are just a few tips that Jann and Alma share:

– Have everything in one location – birth certificates, marriage certificates, family photos.

– Have extra water, pet food, easy food items (nothing that needs a can opener or has to be cooked) stored in your garage, or vehicle.

– Take a look around your home. What items are most important to you? What are the necessities that you would need immediately, if you had to evacuate. What items would be most important to save if you lost your house?

– Sit down with your family. Make a list of the things you have and where it’s located. Each person should have their own spot where their valuables & important items are located, so that it is easily accessible if you need to evacuate at a moment’s notice. Make a plan & go through it with the whole family.

– If you do have valuables in your house, make sure they are listed with your insurance – rings, jewelry, guitars, even wine!

– Keep in mind that, if you lost your home to a disaster, it is up to you to prove what you owned. It is an excellent idea to video each room in your house. Open drawers where valuable items are located and make a video of the contents. Keep this video in a safe place, and make a duplicate of it to keep in a different, safe, location. A video showing the contents of your home will be immensely helpful if you were to lose everything in a disaster.

Tune in and learn more! Stay safe & be prepared!!

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