Bill Lamond

The amazing Bill Lamond joins Dr. Bunny for a continuation of last week’s discussion on pleasure thinking, reinventing yourself, celebrating life, and so much more!

What if we were taught as children to have a joyous celebration in life? Most of us don’t know how to do that because we weren’t taught that!

Bill talks about reprogramming his entire thinking and how he invented a ‘technology’ for living joyously, with the first step being a graduation!  Tune in and learn why!

Bill is a fascinating person to talk with and you will find yourself thinking in a whole new way.  This is an interview you definitely don’t want to miss!

A Very Personal Note from Bill Lamond:

I think we all know that the very fabric of life as we have known it is changing. Many people unfortunately are sitting on their hands hoping that things will go back to the way they were. They’re just not going to and it’s just hard to admit.

The real job right now is to re-invent yourself so that you are in line with the future and the style that will be necessary to be successful in it. Fulfillment-based Thinking, in programming jargon, is a platform that allows you to program your future in ways that are based on your genius, your passion, and the pleasure of having what people often refer to as your Heart’s Desire, so you are free to make choices that promote the future you want AND enjoy the process every step of the way.  

We all want success in our chosen goals, of course, but what this thinking provides that is different from the way that most people produce results is a way to achieve them that actually fills you up while you are working on what you desire, rather than wearing you out. (No wonder many successful people feel that something is missing when they get where they are going.) When you achieve your goals in the work harder, grit-your-teeth commitment style, you wear yourself out, when the point is to arrive in style!

As you can see, I’ve included letters from a variety of people who have been in my coaching projects, because there is no situation or problem that cannot be impacted by knowing how to graduate with honor from the person you have been and become someone new. And with the technology of Fulfillment-based thinking, it’s achievable quickly and as a real pleasure.

I invite you to stop putting up with anything less than the full enjoyment of your life and become a person who is leading in happiness and has access to their personal genius.

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