Travis Windham of Tire Works Total Car Care in Las Vegas, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss tires and car care. Travis gives great tips about tire maintenance, and tells us what to look for to avoid tire problems & blow-outs.  You’ll  learn how to find the proper tire pressure inflation for your car (it’s not where you might think it is!).

Travis also shares info about family life in Las Vegas, where he lives with his wife and children.  Las Vegas has turned into quite a family-friendly place, and many people are moving there as a result of that & the low cost of living.  You might be surprised at how many great things there are for kids there!

A fun, informative & interesting conversation!

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At Tire Works Total Car Care, we’re a little different. We handle every maintenance, auto service, and tire installation with the best quality parts, prices and people around. We believe our customers notice.

Take our ASE-certified technicians for example. Sure, their work is top notch, but they also happen to be some of the friendliest people around. They are the type of people that cover your steering wheel and floor mats to keep them clean and stay late to work on your car if you’re running behind. These kinds of little things are what separate us from other tire stores throughout Nevada & Arizona.

Car Tire Replacement Services:

Tire Works is the #1 source for tire services and repairs in the Las Vegas and Pahrump areas. Our manufacturer-trained tire experts are ready and willing to help you with:

Whether you bought your tires from us or not, know that we are here to provide honest, friendly advice to our neighbors and friends. With Tire Works, you can have the peace of mind that any of our convenient neighborhood locations can help you with any of the tire services above.

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