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Q&A With CIPCUG – Session 31

miracast display

Miracast Wireless Display

This week’s questions are in:

Jerry Crocker:
   Alerted us to a Gmail phishing attack.  It looks like an email attachment from another Gmail user, but isn’t.

Jefi Doman:   Every once in awhile, my laptop computer screen goes black. I move the laptop around and, eventually, the picture comes back. What is going on?

Bill Hinds:  Chrome stopped accepting links from my email. How do I change that?

Michael Megowan:  I have a little ASUS Vivo computer that won’t stay off when I use the shutdown command. After going off for a few seconds It restarts. It also restarts when I force a shutdown by holding the power button. What can I do besides turning off the power strip. It is running Windows 10 from last September

Jefi Doman:  How do we know for sure that The Cloud is safe. Can it hijacked (with all your info)?

Bunny Vreeland:    There are so many products that you can ‘remotely’ control with your phone, today. You can turn on your home lights, as an example. How do you secure them so they are safe?”

Lisa Toth:  I use windows live mail, I have windows 10 latest version. I suddenly have 2 identical email accounts.  Mail is coming to both accounts. I did not set up a second account at least not on purpose

Sue Nethercott:   Where can I find a template for Word 2007 for a non-fiction book? Microsoft does not do them and I have no idea which, if any, of the freebies out there are any good.

Lisa Toth:  I use Windows live for my mail, I have windows. Sometimes when I open an email with a picture in it, the text goes down the left side of my screen one word at a time. Is that a problem with my settings?

Q&A With CIPCUG, Session 30

actual flight footage from Amazon

Since we didn’t have enough questions to fill a 20 minute podcast, Toby spent a fair amount of time discussing the topic of drone delivery services and how far away they are from being an everyday thing.  Primarily, Toby expands on Amazon’s Prime Air, and even the patent they have for basically a Mothership which Toby describes the details of the operation Amazon has in mind.
But first, we cover this week’s submitted questions and news items.

Bunny Vreeland:  Everykey, the McAfee substitute for password. What is your take on it?

Sue Nethercott:  Net providers to begin sending ‘pirate’ emails for those who host or use Torrents.

John Weigle:  Fake security email makes your computer a botnet minion.

News Article posted by Toby Scott:  The FBI Is Apparently Paying Geek Squad Members To Dig Around In Computers For Evidence Of Criminal Activity

Sue Nethercott:  Bug ‘exposes’ WhatsApp message secrets

News Item:  Fox sells Super Bowl digital-only ad packages for up to $700,000

News Item:  Will 2017 be the year of the drone???

Tech Crunch’s article on the rise of Drone Technology


Q&A With CIPCUG, Session 29

Smart Cars on the rise

Google recently dropped a big announcement in the arena of competing Smart Car manufacturers when they mentioned that they will also make all of the hardware as well as its software…  This means Google is dead serious about their technology and that is a very good sign in today’s world.  Toby discusses the potentials and setbacks as well the following questions sent in for today’s episode.

Jerry Schrum: About 1 year ago, I purchased a new oven, and I recently recalled that it supposedly can be activated from afar via an internet connection and my smart phone. I have never attempted to set it up. But, it recently occurred to me:  Could my device somehow be “hackable” and should I do something to ensure that it cannot be hijacked for some nefarious cyber crime?

Lisa Toth:  We have to have our house tented for termites.  We’ll take our computers and tablets with us for the two nights and we have to be out, but is there anything we should do about our tech?  We can’t take the monitors, routers, etc. They say it is safe, but is it really?

News Item:  On the Facebook page there was a discussion about Kim Komando recommending WPS Writer.  Care to Comment.

In a discussion on the Facebook it was asked:  How do you like your windows phone now that you’ve had it for awhile? I like mine, but a lot of apps don’t have a version of it.

Lisa Toth:  A friend sent me a message saying Facebook is going to start charging per message if I don’t send that message to at least 10 people.  Is that possible?

News Item:  At the Consumer Electronics Show, a lot of the news has been about self-driving cars and connected cars.  Care to comment?

Q&A With CIPCUG, Session 28

Bunny Vreeland Talk about apps.  Every business has its own app, it seems.  Why? I also understand that some apps are scams. How does that happen?What do we need to look out for?amazonskywarehouse

Sue Nethercott Have you tried 3D printing? Looks like it could have its uses.

Bunny Vreeland Fake News. How do we know if it is real or fake? How can you tell?

Sue Nethercott Do you think a flying warehouse would ever take off?

Bunny Vreeland How can we tell if the Russians hacked the election?

Sue Nethercott Would you want this smart a home?

Q&A With CIPCUG, Session 27


Michael Megowan   What size 2 in 1 computer would you recommend to replace my tired Windows XP laptop? What manufacture(s) would you recommend?

Lisa Toth   What is the difference between the one note I downloaded in the past and One Note 2016? And why didn’t it just update my old one. Will it be hard to get the old stuff moved over?

From post on CIPCUG about iPhone security.  Is your data safe on a smart phone?

The US Department of transportation wants all cars to have vehicle-to-vehicle communication devices:  Commentary

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