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Q&A with CIPCUG Session 116

Update gets halted

Jerry Crocker:  email received stating:
“Your Dropbox account is closing unless you take action;

We noticed you haven’t used your Dropbox account in over a year.
All devices on your account have been signed out in preparation for account closure.
Want to keep your account?
Just sign into Dropbox before October 8 2018.
Sign in to keep your account”

News Item:   Voice Phishing Scams Proliferate and Are Sophisticated

News Item:   Computer and Phone Sales Flat In US

News Item:   The UK is practicing cyberattacks that could black out Moscow

News Item:   Google+ Shutting Down

News Item:   October 2018 Update:  Hits and misses

Data Lost

Disk Cleanup Includes Downloads Folder

Snip & Sketch

Text From Computer

To-Do List

News Item:   Microsoft halts rollout of Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 112

The new Petro currency

Andy Toth   Interesting email problem. whenever my wife sends a pdf attachment using WindowsLive from one account, it is received as a list of openable files and emails — but you can’t open them.  If the file is sent from a different account it comes through fine.  I am using Thunderbird and I have no problem sending her pdf attachments.  Both of us use the same email server. Why would a pdf attachment be corrupted from only one sender?

News Item:   Number of Third-Party Cookies on EU News Sites Dropped by 22% Post-GDPR

News Item:   Gmail now lets you send self-destructing ‘confidential mode’ emails from your phone

News Item:   Mozilla has wiped 23 extensions from its directory of Firefox browser add-ons

News Item:   Microsoft delivers promised end- to-end Skype encryption option

News Item:   Venezuela has just attempted to stabilize its currency, the bolivar, which was recently devalued by removing 5 digits from the new currency.  So, now they are linking it to a cryptocurrency they created earlier this year.


Q&A with CIPCUG Session 111

Crypto stocks

Bill Hinds   Is there a way to prevent Facebook from accessing bank accounts?

Fred Krueger   About printers, they have this self cleaning function, where does the material they clean up go too?  It must build up over several years time.

News Item:   Mozilla Firefox 61.0.2 released with automatic restore feature for Windows

News Item:   Cryptocurrencies lost $70 billion in value the past two weeks

News Item:   Fax Machines Are Everywhere, and Wildly Insecure

News Item:   New Wi-Fi attack cracks WPA2 passwords with ease



Q&A with CIPCUG Session 102

how VPN works

Fred Krueger   When I click on firefox to open I keep getting the message, do I want this browser and the app page opens asking me to set the default browser. What happened?

Lisa Toth   I’m thinking about getting another tablet as a companion to my Amazon Kindle Fire. I discovered that they use their own version of Android. I want to get one with Android that has not been modified.  So, looking for info on the small tablets. Maybe a Galaxy? Any other ideas?

Lisa Toth   Wile looking for apps for an Android tablet, I see there is a Firefox Focus: the privacy browser.  What is it?

News Item:   Google Search keeps asking if I’m human when I use VPN.

News Item:   Amazon Blocks Australian Shoppers From US Site Because of New Tax

News Item:   All the major wireless carriers in the US and Canada are selling every client’s real time location to anyone who wants to buy it. Want to burgle a house. Check to see where the owner(s) are first. Think your spouse is cheating? Track them in real time and look up where they are spending time. The opportunities for abuse from this are endless and dangerous.

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 98

general data protection regulation GDPR

Lisa Toth   Just got a fail message from my email.  “Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection.”

Fred Krueger   What do you know about the usb stick being advertised on TV that will fix your computer?

News Item:   Chrome Users Reporting Freezes & Timeouts After Windows 10 April Update.

News Item:   News tite: “New Service Blocks EU Users So Companies Can Save Thousands on GDPR Compliance”

We would also like to mention and recognize that past CIPCUG President, George Lakes, died April 19, 2018.  

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