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Q&A with CIPCUG Session 186

Lisa Toth   Should I leave my computer on the charger since I use it a lot or is it better to unplug it when I am done or overnight.

Fred Krueger   Once a month I get a report from Google on every place I have been the previous month. Don’t know what too think of this.

Fred Krueger   I am looking at small laptops or tablets, and I am wondering if the Surface Pro LTE is worth the price over the Surface Pro without the LTE?

Fred Krueger   About cord cutting, The way I understand it so far is we still need the cord for internet but can do away with paying for almost every thing else. Is this somewhat correct or am I missing something?

Fred Krueger   At the club meeting there was some mention of the latest Windows update, I looked in update history and all I see are updates for malicious removal tool for January and February

News Item:   Google Cleans Play Store of Nearly 600 Apps for Ad Policy Violation

News Item:   WhatsApp Phishing URLs Skyrocket With Over 13,000% Surge

News Item:   Credit Card Skimmer Found on Nine Sites, Researchers Ignored

News Item:   Microsoft Defender ATP for Linux Now In Public Preview

News Item:   Norton LifeLock Phishing Scam Installs Remote Access Trojan

News Item:   Brave Browser Integrates Wayback Machine to View Deleted Web Pages

News Item:   Microsoft Wants to do Away with Windows 10 Local Accounts

News Item:   uBlock Origin 1.25 Now Blocks Cloaked First-Party Scripts, Firefox Only

News Item:   FCC Proposes to Fine Wireless Carriers $200M for Selling Customer Location Data

News Item:   Firefox Enables DNS over HTTPS by Default

Q&A with CIPCUG: Session 72

Roger Houston   Can I edit contacts in Outlook 2016 and have it sync across all my devices?  I recently installed Office 365 on both of my Win 10 PC’s. Each PC has two users, the same ones. Each user has a separate MS account. I need to sync/share a Contact list with my wife and then also see and share the Contacts on the laptop. Outlook 2016 is the master Contact handler, not Google or any email service. The same is true for the Calendar. These need to be synchronized, but maybe with different permissions. We do not have Microsoft type email and do not want it [unless absolutely necessary]; we both have individual Gmail imap email accounts that handle sharing email between devices.

Sue Nethercott   My web site host has suggested that if I don’t need Windows, I transfer my web site to Linux “as this will give you far more configurability over the server environment as well as a more stable website and a more verbose error message should anything go wrong”.  Is there any reason why I would need Windows?  What are the pros and cons?

Lisa Toth   Why is it that many times when I click on a link the link sends me to one page that redirects me to the site I wanted to go to?  I didn’t know this was happening until I installed ublock origin.

Lisa Toth   I have a vision problem. I wish there were a button on my browser somewhere, that I could click a couple of times to enlarge print on a page. It is a nuisance to have to do the control and + to accomplish this. Are there any add ons you know of?

Tony Pizza   I updated to Win 10 version 1709. I made a recovery usb, a system repair disk, and a disk image when I did the 1703 update. I will update the disk image. Is it necessary to update the recovery usb drive and the repair cd?

Tony Pizza   I did the 1709 update on a 2nd PC. Started Thursday evening. After 2 unsuccessful tries, I quit.  Friday morning I tried again. Checking on the progress was like watching paint dry, but after lengthy downloading, and preparing to install, and installing, about 3 hours, it was ready for a restart. After about another half hour of disk churning and warnings to not turn off the computer, I finally had 1709 installed. I hope to have my 3rd Win 10 updated before 1803 comes out.

News Item:  Microsoft quietly announces end of last free Windows 10 upgrade offer

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