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Lisa Toth   Was there an update on Tuesday?

Ray Escobedo   Toby what’s a good program for finding duplicate photos?

Jerry Crocker   Will Frye’s go out of business?

News Item:   Ventura County voters can use voting machines without fear of hacking

News Item:   Lock My PC Used By Tech Support Scammers, Dev Offers Free Recovery

News Item:   Windows 7 Users Suddenly Can’t Shut Down Their PCs

News Item:   Bug in Philips Smart Light Allows Hopping to Devices on the Network

News Item:   Virus for Tax Season With Malicious W-9 Forms

News Item:   File Transfer Protocol switched off by default in Chrome 80

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 117

google plus

Bill Hinds  Is there a way to prevent Facebook from accessing bank accounts?

News Item   Naming & Shaming Web Polluters: Xiongmai


News Item   Windows 10 Audio Not Working After Installing Latest Windows Updates

News Item   Google+ shutting down after users’ data is exposed

News Item   Chinese Super Micro ‘spy chip’ story gets even more strange as everyone doubles down

Q&A with CIPCUG: Session 70

Windows 10 Fall Update

Lisa Toth:   Did the Tuesday update this month automatically download if I have auto updates setup?

Have there been any issues so far?

Lisa Toth:   What is a “shell”? like the microsoft power shell.

Lisa Toth:   Please pontificate on ‘Pocket’ in Firefox vs Pinterest.

Lisa Toth posted a website that is supposed to check if your email has been hacked.  Is it legitimate?

Lisa Toth posted on how to create the perfect password.

News Item:  KRACK WPA2 vulnerability

News Item:  Windows 10 Fall Update (1709) is starting to roll out.

Q&A with CIPCUG: Session 69

Patch Tuesday for Windows

Kathy Van Slyke:   Is the Atlantic Discount Store a legitimate site? On the site they state that they are a Microsoft registered partner. I tried to check on what I thought was a legitimate site reviewing businesses and the reviews were high. But one never knows.

Kathy Van Slyke:  Is there anyone who is familiar with Libre Base or know of a good source to read about it. The things so far that I have seen on the internet are confusing. I am trying to convert an Access file to Libre base as the person who I wish to give it to does not have Access. I have read that you can move tables but not Queries, forms, and Reports. I also have read that you need to convert Tables over to an earlier form of Access but have not succeeded beyond that.

News Item:  Patch Tuesday a week ago

News Item:  Microsoft’s mystery update, Photos Add-On, arouses anger, suspicion among Windows 10 users

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