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Ask Dr. Bunny. Farms? Ranches? Country Real Estate? Paul Ward, guest.

Real estate expert Paul Ward joins Dr. Bunny to discuss specializing in country real estate, ranches, and farms. He shares insight on the real estate business, and some very interesting stories – including a special story about how 10,000 antiques got him into the antique business for awhile! 

After deciding that antiquing wasn’t for him, a suggestion from a realtor friend led him to getting his real estate license & into specializing in farms, ranches & country estates.  And from there, Paul created a niche!

Tune in to hear Paul’s journey, and find out what very special person popped into his head one day, just a few years after he had made a request!


About Paul Ward:

For the past 15 years I have specialized in selling country estates and ranches throughout Ventura County. This niche stems from my childhood, working long summer days on my grandparent’s citrus and avocado ranch near Santa Paula.

I love these types of properties, and it is my desire to help families, individuals and investors from all walks of life achieve their dream of owning a ranch or country estate.

In 2014, I formed a team called the California Lifestyles Group. Each team member has a different focus and specialty area. Our team is committed to the specific needs of every client we serve. We understand that trust is built over time, not instantly.

Providing our clients with the tools they need to make an informed and conscientious decision is an integral component of our mission. We act as trusted advisors while you, the client, are the ultimate decision-maker.

Contact Paul Ward at (805) 479-5004 or e-mail: Paul@homeandranchsellingteam.com

Also visit: https://somisrealestate.com and http://homeandranchsellingteam.com

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or e-mail: Bunny@BunnyVreeland.com
Also visit: https://bunnyvreeland.org/ https://vreelandcollege.org/ https://upgradeyourlifewithdrbunny.com

Q&A with CIPCUG: Session 45

NSA Seal

Lisa Toth:   Andy and I have Microsoft phones with AT&T. They came with an email program on

them. An AT&T product I surmise. We seem to be unable to delete mail except for one at a time.  This is very annoying as I get 60 or 70 emails a day.

News Item:  Google and Facebook have confirmed that they fell victim to an alleged $100m scam.

News Item:    A FuturePets.com database with critical information on over 100,000 customers was left exposed for six months.  The unprotected data included:

  • Customer names
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News Item:  N.S.A. Halts Collection of Americans’ Emails About Foreign Targets

Get The Real on Real Estate: Home Staging with guest Linda Selvage

A staged Living Room

A staged Living Room

Join Lauren Swigert with guest Linda Selvage who is a certified home stager. Linda studied at the home staging school, www.stagedhomes.com, and has 11 years of experience in staging homes.

When we sell our homes, there are things we can do to make the home more appealing to potential buyers by employing a home stager who helps to set up the home by staging either certain rooms or up to and including entire homes. A typical price range can vary from $1,500 to $2,000. There are various options in staging a home, either by rearranging the furniture, or choosing the right color palette for painting the walls.

There are 3 very important things to focus on in home staging.

First, remove as much clutter as possible.

Clean every nook and cranny, which makes a world of difference, when the house is on display. The buyer needs to feel that this is place they can see themselves living in.

Depersonalize the home if it is heavily themed, for instance, not everyone can relate to home modeled after a medieval castle!

Overall we want a clean, fresh, and neutral feel so that it allows the buyer to envision their own things in the house. According to statistics offered on www.stagedhomes.com, out of 1000 homes, a staged home ,on average, will sell within 11 days, while an un-staged home can take 90 days or more.

When you invest in staging your home, remember that you make up for the cost by decreasing the amount of time the house stays on the market.

Linda Selvage serves Ojai, Westlake, Ventura County, and Santa Barbara County.

Linda Selvage’s phone number is  805-640-1075

Her website is www.arefinedenvironment.com
and for more information feel free to visit https://www.stagedhomes.com

Lauren Swigert is associated with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, feel free to contact Lauren through the following venues:

BRE License #01743386

Cell: 805-815-1402

Office: 805-984-8699

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Get the Real on Real Estate with Lauren Swigert – The Current Real Estate Market


Percent of millennials living at home is finally starting to go down as of 2012

Join Lauren Swigert as she describes the interesting dynamics of the millennial demographics aka “failure to launch” generation.  A lot of different factors contribute to the market and these factors include interest rates, recessions, and employment rate.  Because millennials came in right at the recessions at the age of when they ideally should’ve been moving out of the family home, they got compromised on two levels; a recession, and almost no job opportunities for college graduates.    Without the means to afford a house, many millennials resorted to staying home in their mid to late 20’s instead of moving out and being independent.

Lauren even shares about a Berkeley graduate in economics who ended up with a job at Starbucks and couldn’t move out of the house until he was 30!  Unfortunately, because the job market was so skim the options available for millennials were also slim.

Now that the economy is picking up, interest rates are below 4% and now its a good time to start hitting the market with purchasing property and investment.  More options are opening up for the millennial generation after a seemingly long drought.  So things are looking up!

Here is a link to the current data on 18-34 year old range of just starting to leave the house (because who doesn’t love data!)


Please feel free to send YOUR questions on real estate to Lauren.

For more information on Lauren Swigert please feel free to check out Lauren Swigert via following contact info.

Contact Lauren Swigert at (805) 815-1402 or e-mail laurenswigertsells@gmail.com

Lauren Swigert  BRE License# 01743386, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services.

Get the Real on Real Estate with Lauren Swigert – FAQ on Finding the Perfect Home

Lauren_banner_croppedLauren Swigert answers frequently asked questions for her listeners.  It’s common for people who go from open house to open house to get overwhelmed without being able to decide which is the right fit.  The first thing Lauren Swigert stresses is to get a realtor, even if you know exactly what you want, there are a lot of things involved in the process of the transaction that the realtor helps mediate smoothly.  The realtor may also be able to introduce alternatives that weren’t previously considered.  Most important they help keep the client protected throughout the whole process, and give them the best experience they can get in searching for a home.

The next most important task is getting the list of non-negotiables and prioritizing the items on the list!  Sometimes you can’t get everything that you want…  Lauren Swigert talks about compromising and stresses that as a buyer, learning what is most important to you for your home helps everyone involved by leaps and bounds.  Organize your list so you have a solid idea of what you are willing to compromise on if its impossible for all of the demands to be met.

As a bottom line it really comes down to the buyer doing all of his homework which includes non-negotiables, prioritizing non-negotiables, driving the neighborhood at different days and times, checking out the local stores and businesses, and getting and idea of the atmosphere of the neighborhood and what it would be like to live there.  If all of this can be done, the process becomes more enjoyable and runs more smoothly for everyone.

Please feel free to send YOUR questions on real estate to Lauren.

For more information on Lauren Swigert please feel free to check out Lauren Swigert via following contact info.

Contact Lauren Swigert at (805) 815-1402 or e-mail laurenswigertsells@gmail.com

Lauren Swigert  BRE License# 01743386, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services.


Dr. Bunny

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