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Q&A with CIPCUG – Session 57


Alphabay gets taken down

Lisa Toth:   For my ASUS 2-in-1 I decided to download an app from the store. After I chose it and clicked “get” I noticed it was not downloading. Then I noticed a number at the top of the screen. 34. I clicked on it and discovered this number refers to the number of updates my machine has been trying to do. I was able to delete a couple of things I don’t care anything about but there are still 30 to do.   So, is it possible that the problems I’ve been having are due to processes and programs that can’t run properly because they need still to be updated?

I am planning to run it and keep the screen from going to sleep and get some of these things updated.

If it is plugged in, can I set it not to go to sleep and just allow it to update?

Lisa Toth:  Since the last update whenever I download something, clicking on it does not open it, I am taken to an empty web page.  After fumbling around I tried right clicking and am given a choice on how to open. I can finally see my download.  This has happened each time I download something. Is there a new setting I need to make?

News Item:  Scammers are sending fake email messages that you have to pay for WhatsApp.  You don’t.  If you try to pay, they will rob you blind.

News Item:  Delete your old phone numbers from Facebook or any other location where you have enabled two-factor authentication.

News Item:  Is there must be a way to discern or at least have a clue if an app is real or not?

News Item:  Dark web sites AlphaBay and Hansa have been shut down by international law enforcement.

News Item:  For some tablets and 2-in-1 computers built in 2013 or 2014 years ago, there will be no more major updates to Windows 10.  There will, however, continue to be security updates until 2024.

Q&A With CIPCUG – Session 31

miracast display

Miracast Wireless Display

This week’s questions are in:

Jerry Crocker:
   Alerted us to a Gmail phishing attack.  It looks like an email attachment from another Gmail user, but isn’t.

Jefi Doman:   Every once in awhile, my laptop computer screen goes black. I move the laptop around and, eventually, the picture comes back. What is going on?

Bill Hinds:  Chrome stopped accepting links from my email. How do I change that?

Michael Megowan:  I have a little ASUS Vivo computer that won’t stay off when I use the shutdown command. After going off for a few seconds It restarts. It also restarts when I force a shutdown by holding the power button. What can I do besides turning off the power strip. It is running Windows 10 from last September

Jefi Doman:  How do we know for sure that The Cloud is safe. Can it hijacked (with all your info)?

Bunny Vreeland:    There are so many products that you can ‘remotely’ control with your phone, today. You can turn on your home lights, as an example. How do you secure them so they are safe?”

Lisa Toth:  I use windows live mail, I have windows 10 latest version. I suddenly have 2 identical email accounts.  Mail is coming to both accounts. I did not set up a second account at least not on purpose

Sue Nethercott:   Where can I find a template for Word 2007 for a non-fiction book? Microsoft does not do them and I have no idea which, if any, of the freebies out there are any good.

Lisa Toth:  I use Windows live for my mail, I have windows. Sometimes when I open an email with a picture in it, the text goes down the left side of my screen one word at a time. Is that a problem with my settings?

Q&A With CIPCIG, Session 25


Lisa Toth  On my new Windows 10 computer I can’t get on the internet and it has disappeared from our network.

Darrell Peck   I get a pop up window from Norton Identity for subscription renewal (I never subscribed – unless it was part of their anti-virus package) Anyway, how do I STOP it ?

Tony Pizza   I received an email from Paypal Security Team, customers@review.net, Subject:We have limited your account temporarily. It contained an attachment named Attachment225.html. I was suspicious.

John Weigle  I’ve seen references to Pocket in stories and on at least one of my browsers. How does it work? Should I be using it?

Craig Ladd  Android OS – won’t play Vimeo videos, do I need a app from them to do this ?

Lisa Toth  I put last pass on my computer and on my iPad. I’m pretty sure I signed in with the same password but they don’t seem to be connected.

Judy Griffin Taylour   how do I get Cortana to go to my personal home page.

Toby Scott   The uBlock Origin extension is now available for Edge. Just go to the store and search.

Toby Scott (article)  Samsung is going to brick all Galaxy Note 7’s in mid-December, to prevent problems with the 7% of Galaxy owners who didn’t turn their phones in.

Toby Scott (article)  Avalanche network brought down by global operation

Q&A with CIPCUG: Session Number 11 with Toby Scott


    Consulting Toby at CIPCUG

K. Edward Lynch: Does turning off the network connection prevent access to a PC? Does turning off the NIC card mean more protection? Can a hacker access a PC and turn on a Webcam when the Internet connection is turned off?

Dr. Bunny Vreeland: Twitter suspended 235,000 accounts for promoting Terrorism. What is THAT all about?

Andy Toth: Is there something different in Win10? I need to do a major drive reallocation on my hard drive. The Data drive partition only has 242 MB remaining. I was backing up (copying) the favorites folder but none of the HTTPS addresses copied over.  Win10 kept popping up with some security setting requiring Administrator privilege but would not recognize that I was logged in as administrator and would not copy the files over. I had to skip them to continue.

Tony Pizza: Have you received the anniversary update for Win 10, and if so, your comment?

Sandy Tsutsui-Trujillo: Explain Laptops, and airflow and the overheating issue. I had trouble figuring out what was happening until I was asked:  “Where do you sit when you use your laptop?”

Michael Megowan: I am having difficulty networking (for file sharing purposes) my wife’s iMac with my Windows 7 computer. We have an Airport Extreme router/Time Machine that lets me see the iMac, but I get asked to sign in with a password and I don’t know how to set that up.

Craig Ladd: Is a chrome book adequate for most people?

Craig Ladd: I use is ixquick.com for searches instead of Google.com – are there other search engines that are just as reliable & effective ?

Sue Nethercott: I’m on the road in an RV, and the camp site/supplier says that any problems connecting are due to it acting like a Faraday cage, and we should step outside for better connection. Got any better ideas?

For more questions or if you are interested in attending a meeting, here is more info on CIPCUG:

Our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/cipcug/

For more information on Toby Scott, Please visit: www.vccomputers.com

The club meets every last Saturday of the month at:

Boys and Girls Club

1500 Temple Ave,

Camarillo, CA 93010

Phone: 805-289-3960

mailing address of the club is:


P.O. Box 51354

Oxnard, CA 93031-1354

Q&A with CIPCUG: Round 5

DO You have a cell phone? GOOGLE this: stingray cell phone


Latest CIPCUG meeting

surveillance device.  

Toby Scott discusses the stingray concerns in this week’s 5th installment of Q&A with CIPCUG!

But first…This week’s questions are in order:

K. Edward Lynch: I have a folder full 38Gb of music video, 2 years of work, all the files look fine but can’t open any of them. I Tried various software but nothing… this happened after my upgrade to Windows 10. I lost two other hard drives but was able to recover files on those so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Lisa Toth:  Re Windows Live Mail:  When I have checked all my mail, it will still say I have some left, sometimes as many as 18 or 20. To see if this is true, I click on another inbox. If it is not true, the number disappears. Why is it showing I have mail when I don’t?

Sandra Denise:  If my computer is running slow does that mean that I need more memory or could I possibly have a virus?

Hazel Palache:  I would really like to know, with so many social media sites now, which one is best for business promotion and is it necessary to use snap chat in business, I get conflicting opinions on this. Thanks


Andy Toth:  Interesting thing happened while was using the MediaCoder wizard to set up MediaCoder for my use in Win 10. Edge was the default browser. The following popped up. Every trick I knew to close the browser failed. It locked the machine. Finally Power Off. I changed the default browser to IE and the wizard ran fine. I then converted back to Edge and the same thing happened. Anyone see this before?


Our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/cipcug/

For more information on Toby Scott, Please visit: www.vccomputers.com

The club meets every last Saturday of the month at:Boys and Girls Club
1500 Temple Ave,
Camarillo, CA 93010
Phone: 805-289-3960

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