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Q&A with CIPCUG Session 133

SIM swapping a new crime

Tony Pizza:  Some HDMI cables are just cable and connectors. Others have some larger bulge near one end. Are they some kind of filter or amplifier?

Fred Krueger:  I am wondering what is going on with PIA the vpn? There was an update a few days ago and since then I have had to download the program every time i restart my computer. Today was slightly different, I had to find it to start it. Apparently it is not quite automatic as it was before. Any info on what is going on?

Lisa Toth:  Pages I know had content in the old version of Facebook have no content now.  How can I retrieve my old pages, and how do I find my new content.  I have checked the “recent notes” column that seems to have just about every thing I’ve put in the notes books but not my actual recent adds.

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News Item:   Microsoft Releases the February 2019 Updates for Office

News Item:   Collection of 127 Million Stolen Accounts Up for Sale on the Dark Web

News Item:   Google Fixing Chrome API to Prevent Incognito Mode Detection

News Item:   Windows 7 Users: You Need SHA-2 Support or No Windows Updates After July 2019

News Item:   More Alleged SIM Swappers Face Justice

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 118

New Android Pie

Tony Pizza Is the 1809 update fixed and available for download? Or should we wait a little more?

Fred Krueger how do you do a screenshot on something you bring up or open up on an existing page

Lisa Toth Andy and I each have an LG phone. They are Android. A few days ago they updated. I was asked to update and I said yes. Every thing pretty much has changed. Andy lost some contacts and I discovered that I have to search for “location” service ‘cuz it is no longer in settings.

Fred Krueger with all the new wifi standards coming out, 5g and wigi, when is it a good time to start thinking about new routers? and I see Verizon has an add on for your routers in the future,

News Item   Fraudster Targets Cryptocurrency Wallets with a Variety of Info Stealers        

News Item   Germany Urges Global Minimum Tax For Digital Giants

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