Ken Guzzo and Dr. Bunny

Recently Dr. Bunny Vreeland received her Facilitator Training Program certificate for Trauma release from Ken Guzzo, CHt. Congratulations, Dr. Bunny!

Dr. Bunny Vreeland can be reached at (805) 216-6773, or by e-mail:

About Dr. Bunny Vreeland:

Dr. Bunny Vreeland has been a professional model, an award winning Color and Image Consultant, Radio & TV Show host, and, for the past 20+ years, a Board Certified, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Ordained Minister and the Founder of the Vreeland College of the Healing Arts.

Dr. Bunny has completed her coach training at Robbins-Madanes Training, under teachers Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Mark Peysha, and Magali Peysha, and is a Robbins-Madanes Trained Coach.

Dr. Bunny has also created “Upgrade Your Life with Dr. Bunny“, a program which she refers to as Life Enhancement Therapy – accessing the power of the conscious and the sub-conscious mind, to help you break through the roadblocks, identify and smash those barriers that are holding you back, and attain your goals.

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 216-6773