Dr. David Lemons

Dr. David Lemons

Tristan Schaub joins Dr. David Lemons to discuss Chiropractic wellness, the innate wisdom of the body, and what it was like growing up with a family of Chiropractors.  Tune in and learn about Chiropractic – and how Chiropractors were the pioneers of wellness!

Dr. David Lemons is a Chiropractor, and the owner of the Chiropractic Wellness Center, in Oxnard, CA.

Contact Tristan Schaub by e-mail:  tristan@mynewexpert.com

Contact Dr. Lemons at (805) 322-7736.

Also visit: www.drlemons.com

Chiropractic Wellness Center is located at 750 W. Gonzales Rd, Oxnard, CA 93036